Half year 52-in-52 check in

Last week we had a pretty crap week, although when you compare to what’s going on in the world at the moment we didn’t really have that many issues.

As a quick recap, here’s a few things that happened last week:

  • There was a COVID outbreak in our state
  • We went into lock down, but only for 3 days to allow for testing
  • Thankfully it seems like we got on top of it quickly – they’re still finding a case every day but they’re all linked and close contacts are in quarantine now so the risk of it spreading is low (this is a good thing – not a bad thing!)
  • Last year we planned a trip to Stanthorpe with the family for the weekend just passed – there was a winter festival that’s only hosted every 2 years, and we really wanted to go. As a result of the COVID lock down we assumed the weekend was cancelled. When the lock down ended up being only 3 days, it looked as though we had only missed the first day, and decided we would still go (win)
  • The family members that were coming with us were based in Brisbane, and their lock down got extended by another 24 hours minimum, so again we assumed they weren’t able to go. We cancelled our accommodation (where we were all staying together) and decided we would take our caravan and stay in the caravan park
  • Right before we were due to leave the kitchen sink clogged up. My dad was staying at our house in our absence, and we certainly couldn’t leave the sink like that. After an hour my husband was able to get it cleared
  • We finally left, and after only 5mins on the highway our truck overheated. We pulled over, and were super lucky to be on part of the highway where there was enough room for the car and the caravan without interrupting traffic. Luca and I instantly got out and I took him for a walk around a construction spot about 100m off the road (just for safety). It was raining lightly at the time so we walked with an umbrella, although Luca had great fun running through the puddle *sigh. My hubby called the tow truck, and by the time they arrived the car had cooled down again. We decided to double back home with the tow truck following us and it stayed cool the entire time we drove back, so waved goodbye to the tow truck. After weighing up whether we would try again, we decided not to risk it. While the truck was at home idling it did it again, so we switched it off. The car has now been towed to the mechanics to get looked at. It’s only a 7 year old car so we’re not sure what’s wrong, hopefully there’s no damage!

Basically, we took it as a sign that the universe was telling us to not go anywhere this weekend! We had both been so desperate for the trip as we’ve had a lot of work stress and stuff going on, and we were so excited.

This month was meant to be the “fun month” as we had three amazing trips planned, and so far two of them have been canned thanks to covid (and our truck). The third one is under risk right now unless the truck gets repaired, as it was another trip away camping. Guess we’ll see.

Anyway, to toast this week being better (I’ve already had a craft project go right for once), I decided to check in on my 52 in 52 list. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year!

52 in 52 – tasks done

I’m surprised I’ve actually done as many as I have, given that it’s been almost zero of my focus this year. It’s the year of health though, and I guess I’m naturally trying to do some of these things anyway.

  • Reinstate the date night once a month with my husband – done, although we haven’t made it out for a date night every month (we’re trying…but sometimes life plans just get in the way)
  • Have a family weekend away
  • Complete a jigsaw puzzle (I’ve started to get Luca interested in these – so exciting!)
  • Learn to reward myself with a non-food related treat (I’m getting better at treating myself with some self care stuff instead, like face mask treatments!)
  • Set a running goal (currently working towards running 10k again)
  • Get a massage
  • Start taking a daily multi-vitamin
  • Implement a running plan
  • Implement a strength building plan (although not going quite to plan)
  • Be honest to someone about how they make me feel
  • Create a gratitude journal
  • Buy a full length mirror
  • Take a full length photo regularly
  • Follow a meditation program
  • Find a technique for dealing with stress (meditation has been my go to, my therapist has me working on this)
  • Schedule 1hr of self care each week (not always followed but I’m trying!)
  • Get a referral from my doctor to see a therapist
  • Find a therapist I like (I actually LOVE her)
  • Visit the dentist
  • Get a skin check (I did this and actually got a skin cancer cut out, so take this as your reminder to everyone to book in a skin check!!)
  • Complete a DIY project and learn a new skill (glass etching with etching cream, though still working on this as I’m not quite happy with what I’ve made so far)

So, how is all of that making me feel?

Honestly, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I attribute a lot of this to therapy and joining an eating disorder support group. I feel like I understand myself a lot more and I can pre-empt my moods a bit better. I’m still working on identifying my needs and how I can have those met, but to be honest, I’m in the best place I’ve felt mentally in a long time. Physically I have a way to go, but I think this time approaching it from the inside out is going to benefit me more in the long run.

For the rest of my tasks I’m going to start trying to look back at these regularly, but I’m not going to try and put pressure on myself. I’m still appreciating that if I can achieve a single thing in the day then it’s a win. If I don’t complete the whole list I haven’t failed, there’s still a whole lot of wins that I achieved. I only fail if I quit.

Was anyone else doing a 52 list this year? How are you going with it?

Let me know your thoughts!