52 in 52: 2019 edition

Heyyyyyy – it’s 2019 everyone! A new year, which means a new 52 list! I’m yet to blog the results from last year, with some updates of some of the more notable ones but *spoiler alert* I did 100% of them! The first time in 10 years of doing the list!


Also, holy cow, this is the 11th year of doing my 52 in 52! I think I probably should have some sort of party to celebrate, right? I should have done that last year to celebrate the decade, but um, whoops.

Anyways, let’s get cracking onto the list, I’m excited to share it with you all.

52 in 52: 2019 edition


  • Bake something from scratch
  • Make a cocktail (cooking = in the kitchen = make a nice drink, right?)


  • Do a new activity
  • Go for a family bike ride
  • Go geocaching with my son (not sure he’ll really get the point of it, but he’ll have fun going new places)
  • Get a family photo shoot done
  • Try 5 craft activities with my son
  • Visit the zoo with my son


  • Drink 2L of water every day for a week
  • Try to pause and use my senses to take in my surroundings more often – aka “be in the moment”
  • Get a breast checkup – ultrasound/mammogram
  • Get a hearing check (I have tinnitus from a burst ear drum when I was scuba diving, just recently it feels like my hearing is terrible; when I lay in bed on a particular side I can barely hear anything at all)
  • Get a pap smear (yep, fun times)
  • Go to bed before 8.30pm every night for a week (aka get some much needed rest)
  • See a podiatrist (in the lead up to another one of my other 52’s, I just want to make sure I don’t have any issues with how I run/walk etc)
  • Start a skincare routine (right now it’s cleanse & moisturise and that’s it)
  • Take better care of my feet – home spa sessions to file dry skin etc
  • Try a new fake tan (I’ve had moles cut out already, and I want the tan without the skin cancer thanks)


  • Complete a blogging course
  • Do an escape room
  • Get a lesson in how to do my hair
  • Watch 12 christmas movies (I’ve listed down a ton already from the suggestions everyone made on my Facebook page last year – thanks for those!)
  • Go see a movie by myself
  • Go to a gold class movie
  • Use my digital SLR camera once a month
  • Visit an air museum
  • Watch all episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Watch as many marvel movies in order as I can
  • Stay in a hotel overnight by myself (Mum’s day off)


  • Decorate the house for Christmas with more than just a Christmas tree (seriously, our effort for 2018 was pretty poor)
  • Find a way to organise my accessories in the cupboard
  • Make/get a display for my running medals and hang them proudly
  • Try a DIY project for something in the house (can be small or large)

Physical Activity


  • Complete the marriage challenge (basically once a week we have a topic that we sit down and talk about together)
  • Create an emergency romance box (helps keep the bedroom spark alive when you’re going to bed and you’re grumpy at each other, so the last thing you want to do is be intimate)
  • Give my husband a massage
  • Have a day off with just my husband (baby in daycare or someone babysitting)


  • Buy new earrings
  • Buy cute pyjamas
  • Create a wardrobe staple list and buy them all (I have no style, and need to get some; to start with I need to get the staple items that can be mixed with anything)
  • Get matching PJs
  • Try 3 new places to eat suggested by Yelp


  • Do a good deed for a stranger
  • Have a barbecue
  • Organise a mum’s night out with my mum’s group
  • Volunteer for something 5 times


  • Be a tourist for a day in my home town
  • Visit somewhere I’ve never been before

And that’s it – that’s the list! What do you think?

If anyone is interested in joining me for any of these let me know, I’d love to have you along.

And of course, if you’re inspired to write your own list, whether it be 12 items or the full 52, I’d love to hear about it! Share you list below!

3 thoughts on “52 in 52: 2019 edition”

  1. My list…

    * Bake all three kids birthday cakes
    * Start parkrun alphabet pursuit
    * Read at least 2 books
    * To complete 20min workout every morning for a month
    * To complete 2000km
    * Sub26 5km
    * Grow business internationally
    * Deep sea fishing
    * Start business newsletter & calendar
    * Date night with hubby x 4
    * Kindy transition
    * Support eldest’s first Triathlon

    • Woah, what a great list! There’s some on there I’d love to poahc for my list next year haha. The Park Run Alphabet Pursuit sounds particularly interesting, I’m wracking my brain now thinking of places around me that start with different letters haha


Let me know your thoughts!