Morning recap – so much poop

A few days ago, Luca’s daycare had to cut him off food because he was eating SO. MUCH. (Possibly a growth spurt?)

Today I found out where all of it went.

I smelled his butt and figured it needed a change. I put him on his change table, opened his nappy and SO. MUCH. POOP.

The smell was overwhelming.

The more I wiped the more it smeared. If I had hooks I could have hung him from and hosed his butt I would have. A bath wouldn’t have saved him; it had to be wiped and sprayed.

He kept trying to put his hands in it, so then I was fighting his hands and the ever-expanding smear poop. It was messy.

When he was finally cleaned and changed for daycare I decided to give him some more purée for breakfast since he’s generally clean with that. He ended up smacking my hand, getting it on the floor and my jeans.

Guess he didn’t want it.

Hello Friday. You’ve already been interesting.

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