Dentist tomorrow (my worst nightmare)

I’m just writing a quick post tonight as I need to do some foam rolling and yoga after this, then apply fake tan, and then bed. Phew.

As an epilogue to my post last night about toilet training, this morning I gave my little guy a hug and apologised to him. I explained I made a red choice (bad decision) by getting mad, and that I was very sorry. His response?

That’s ok mummy, you make a green choice today!

My son

Guys, I nearly cried. It was an overwhelming mix of emotions from relief that he didn’t hate me (illogical but there you go) and pride that he responded in such a mature and reassuring way. I hugged him tighter and confirmed that yes, I would be trying to make green choices today.

And I have….but also he didn’t poop on the toilet either. So….yeah.

Anyways, to change the topic to more exciting stuff, I have a dental appointment tomorrow. Also I lied about talking about exciting things. This is not exciting.

You see, I have a fear of dentists. Like, bordering phobia. The thought of going to the dentist makes me feel sick. This is my third attempt at going to this appointment. I have a monster hole in one of my front teeth that needs to get looked at, and I’ve known about it for almost 6 months. Last year I booked an appointment, freaked out and cancelled it. I rebooked it, caught a cold and happily postponed. Until tomorrow.

I’m going through with this one. I have to. It needs to be addressed, and I’m out of excuses.

The reason I’m afraid is that when I was a kid I had to get a filling. They gave me the numbing injection, except it didn’t work and I could feel all the pain. Multiple needles later and they did the work but I could still feel everything. It was torture. Later as an adult when I had an epidural while in labour with my son that also didn’t work until I was knocked out by gas. Apparently my body is awesome at ignoring this painkiller stuff.

So I’m pretty much having nightmares about what I’m going to face tomorrow.

My planner had a timely quote this month:

Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.

Planner quote
Me if I don’t get my tooth addressed

Yeahhh….let’s see how that smile is going tomorrow hey?

Anyways, I said this would be short and apparently I lied about that too.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Let me know your thoughts!