Drowning in washing

As a mother, there are times that you dream about the time of BK. Before kids.

I think back, and I look at all that carefree time that I had…..wondering how I could have ever taken that for granted.

You know what I’m talking about.

The washing.

Right now there are piles of clothes to be folded all over the couch. And the spare bed. And our bed. And in baskets waiting to be washed to join the other piles.

You guys, my son is not even 2 yet. His clothes are tiny. So how the hell did we suddenly go from washing a couple of times a week to full baskets every single day. Where the hell did the clothes come from?!

Today is my day off from work so that I can spend it with my son. We went to swim class this morning, then 2 hours at an indoor playground. Now we’re home and he’s down for his lunch time nap.

And I am surrounded by clothes and towels begging to be folded.

Either my husband and I have taken to wearing 5 outfits a day, or we have a clothes multiplying monster.

I’d better stop procrastinating and actually get this stuff done.

God help me when he’s a teenager.

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