The year that was…2020

Wow, I knew I was busy but nearly a month since I’ve written busy? Yikes! I’ve had so much going on craft-wise that my nights have been spent creating, and cutting, and applying….etc etc.

I’ve hurt my back so I’m in bed early tonight, and thought I’d take the opportunity to look back on some major highlights this year. Also, they’re not in any specific order other than that’s the way they came to me 🙂

Discovered a love for craft

This year I invested in a cricut cutting machine, and discovered an obsession with craft. This machine is great. I’ve got the Cricut Maker, which means I can cut everything from vinyl through to wood, leather (in my case, faux leather) and fabric. Since I bought it I’ve been creating:

  • Personalised mugs
  • Shirts
  • Cards
  • Decorations
  • Wall decals
  • Wine/beer glasses
  • Ice cream kits
  • Christmas baubles
  • And a ton more

Here’s some of the creations:

At this stage I’m not really interested in going into the selling game, mainly because I don’t want to have to deal with people, and I’m still so new to it. I want to know that products last and make sure I’ve really nailed it first. But I’m having a whole lot of fun.

Bought a caravan

This is a major highlight of the year. We decided to upgrade after going away for a weekend with friends. They had finished setting up after 10mins…an hour later we were still going with our trailer. I was done. We started shopping around to see what was out there, and after finding out we could get a better deal with our home loan paying less every fortnight even after taking some money for our van, it was a goer.

Favourite bits? Having a shower at night and still feeling clean after I wake up in the morning (I never got that with the canvas trailer). A super comfortable bed. A functional coffee machine. Not stressing at all if it’s going to be raining. I love the caravan life so much. I don’t ever want to go back.

Since we bought it we’ve been on a heap of trips with our friends, and we’re already planning for a lot more for the coming year.

Starting a bucket list race

This year I finally started Run Down Under, a solo virtual race around Australia. I started in September, and i’m estimated to finish in June 2026. Soooo…this will take a while. I haven’t really clocked much mileage this week, and since hurting my back yesterday I haven’t done any at all. I was on another 40+ day stepping streak too!

As of right now I’ve passed Port Macquarie and I’m on my way to Coffs Harbour. It’ll be exciting when I enter my home state of Queensland!

The Pandemic

We’re all so sick of hearing about COVID-19 I’m sure, but it certainly did define the year. I have been so lucky to have kept my job, and even luckier to not lose anyone I love. There’s been a close call, but I’m happy to say that everyone has come through.

I’m so grateful for where I live, and the politicians that act in our best interest. Premier Annastacia kept my home state safe, and while it’s been a bumpy ride, I think she’s done a great job.

I won’t dwell on it any more because we are so sick of it, but it needed a mention.

52 list flop

Honestly, once this year starting turning south I pretty much stopped thinking about the 52 list. I went into survival mode.

I still have 34 items outstanding, which means I only completed 18. They were:

  • Teach Luca something new
  • Take Missy to the beach
  • Let Luca spend a weekend with the grandparents
  • Play in the rain with Luca
  • Find a solution for my hearing issues (I got hearing aids)
  • Join the gym
  • Stay binge free for 60 days
  • Use skin cream on my chest (that my skin doc gave me)
  • Review our monthly subscriptions to save money
  • Get a payrise
  • Sell our second hand stuff
  • Buy something from my wishlist
  • Listen to a new podcast series
  • Raise money for charity
  • See a musical
  • Take a selfie a day
  • Sew something
  • Have a barbecue at the beach with friends

I decided not to bother with a full dedicated post since there wasn’t much to cover. But stay tuned for next year’s list!

How I’m feeling

Honestly, this year I’m coming out of it feeling worse than at the start of the year. It’s not been a great one, even though I have so much to be thankful for.

It’s made me more motivated for next year though. I’ve made some decisions that will help me to change the tides and find happiness again, and I’m excited to get started.

Binge Eating wise I’m not on top of it, although the binges are a bit less in frequency. Weight wise I think I’ve gained about 5kg maybe? But meh, that’s my story for the year and there’s no point beating myself up over it.

Family wise I feel like we’re operating as a good unit, although I want to find a way to reconnect with my husband more. I miss just hanging out, having fun, chatting…so that’ll have to change.

My little man is growing up, he’s 3 now. He just keeps getting more and more fun! Tonight I told him that I had a sore back and we were going home….so he asked for an ice cream for himself to “make himself feel better”. Righto….? It was pretty funny and super cute.

I think that sums up 2020 really. We survived, we came out the other end healthy and together. It can’t get better than that.

How’s your year been?

Let me know your thoughts!