Things I learned from attending a burlesque party

It was my friend's hens party last night, which was a burlesque themed party. There were corsets galore, lots of skimpy clothing, and general shenanigans that straight men and gay ladies could only dream of having been a part of. As part of the female code though, what happens at the party stays at the party.

I did learn some things though:
  • I seriously have NO idea when it comes to makeup or glamour. Heavy eye makeup? No idea. How to put on false eyelashes? It's good for a laugh to watch me try, but needless to say I went without false eyelashes.
  • Corsets can look seriously amazing on some people. Not me. When you don't have much to go with in the cleavage department it feels a little silly. We have photos of other ladies squeezing my chest together to try and get some cleavage action happening.
  • Dress ups are still so much fun
  • Burlesque dancing is quite fun, but difficult when you're packed under a marquee. Plus, when you don't know how to be sexy you spend your time making lots of jokes about pushing out your lack of boobs, and touching yourself. You then proceed to sing the Divinyls.
  • Burlesque party or not, you drink a lot you're going to have a hangover the following day. Owwies.
I think I might spend some time in the future following some YouTube tutorials and actually teach myself a thing or two about makeup. It wouldn't hurt to know how to look a little bit hot every now and then.


Let me know your thoughts!