2018 edition of 52 things in 52 weeks (52 in 52)

Every year I write a list of 52 things to complete in 52 weeks – the course of a year. This tradition has been going since 2008 – a huge 10 years now!

To explain the 52 in 52, it’s kind of like new year’s resolutions, but instead of making a resolve about a new habit, it’s a list of tasks. The aim is to take time out of every day life to do things that are out of the ordinary. Things like making time for friends and family, and most importantly, myself. It can be fun things, simple things, or necessary things.

So here it is, the 52 list for 2018. If you’re interested in joining me in any of these, let me know. The more the merrier! And if you’ve been inspired to create your own list, I’d love to see it.


  • Take baby for a walk in the pram in a new spot 7 times
  • Write a blog letter to baby each month.
  • Join a mother’s group
  • Take Luca swimming
  • Make a baby toy
  • Make a photo book for Luca’s first year

(6 items)


  • Pre-make a week’s worth of lunches

(1 item)


  • Take a family photo
  • Make a will

(2 items)


  • Get two massages
  • Have a bath
  • Eat from a small plate every meal for a week
  • Accept help when offered as often as possible
  • Get a mole scan
  • See a doctor about my veins – I have horrible vein damage all over my ankles from netball and lifesaving. They’re unsightly, and turn quite red after exercise. Firstly I want to make sure they’re not a health risk, and secondly remove them if possible.

(6 items)


  • Read two books on the kindle
  • Visit the beach three times
  • Visit the library
  • Go to the zoo
  • Have a movie afternoon
  • Play a new board game
  • Go to a sporting event
  • Have a cocktail/mocktail
  • Frame/print a photo I’ve taken
  • Learn how to do makeup
  • Use a sewing machine
  • Go camping

(12 items)


(2 items)

Physical Activity

  • Run 5km
  • Meditate for 5mins every day for a week
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Skip for 5mins

(4 items)


  • Have a date night with the husband 12 times (take turns to organise) – Even if the bub is with us, and it’s at home.rules are there needs to be an effort made and it’s not a standard evening
  • Stay away from home overnight
  • Write a list of 52 reasons why I love and am grateful for my husband
  • Have a baby-free night with the husband
  • Eat dinner at the dinner table every night for a week

(5 items)


  • Get a pedicure
  • Donate something to charity
  • Buy a new outfit
  • Visit the markets
  • Go shopping by myself
  • Buy pretty underwear
  • Go to a garage sale
  • Buy some flowers

(8 items)


  • Host a birthday party
  • Have a backyard picnic
  • Have friends over for dinner
  • Catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for more than 6 months
  • Find ten new blogs to subscribe to and leave a nice comment on each
  • Send a letter thanking someone

(6 items)

13 thoughts on “2018 edition of 52 things in 52 weeks (52 in 52)”

  1. this is a really good idea!! I like how your goals are realistic. like, you’re not like “eat from a small plate every day for a year” it’s for a week. your goals are so attainable which is probably why you’re more likely to succeed in them. too many resolutions are abandoned by February. I like this a lot, I think I’m going to have to adopt this.

    • Thanks! It’s been a lot of trial and error. In the beginning the goals were a lot more lofty and less detailed, and it was a mission to get anything done. Over time I’ve learned to keep them simple, there’s so many you just can’t possibly spend a lot of time on each. And I learned to be more forgiving on each as well, not so detail oriented that I would fail myself for some minor technicality 🙂


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