52 in 52: the 2017 *revised* edition

We’ve just hit the 6th month of the year – nearly half way. This morning I took the opportunity to review my 52 list and what I still had left. I’ve been planning on doing this for a while, because let’s face it, there are some I’m just not going to be able to achieve anymore.

There is no way I can hold a hold a 3 minute plank. Not when I’m already 20 weeks pregnant, and due to give birth mid October. I can’t see myself being able to get that level of fitness post-baby. As a friend put it, if I can hold a 10 second plank that’s probably impressive. Mainly because I found the time to actually do a plank.

So, it’s time to revise and post the updated version with some removed challenges, and some added.

What’s been cut

  • Learn PHP
  • Learn Javascript
  • Buy new running shorts and run in them
  • Ride to work 7 times
  • Hold a plank for 3 minutes
  • Do 52 push ups

What’s been added

  • Finish my online front end web development course
  • Knit something
  • Learn how to make sour dough
  • Visit an art gallery or museum
  • Send thank you cards from our wedding
  • Have a pregnancy massage
  • Write an achievable list for 2018 (this one is going to be tough)

Some of them I combined to make more achievable. For a few of the items there were no suitable alternatives, so I went in a completely different direction for something fun I’d like to do. Other tasks I added because I’ve just struggled to actually finish (read: the thank you cards from our wedding, I’m so sorry to friends and family that you haven’t got these yet).

The revised list

So without further ado, this is how the list looks now (I’ve crossed out those already achieved):


  • Eat a bowl of fried rice with chopsticks
  • Make something for Nonna to try
  • Learn how to make something Italian
  • Learn how to make sourdough


  • Buy a pair of coloured shoes


  • Listen to NME’s top albums for 2016
  • Listen to an audiobook
  • Read 5 books all recommended to me by friends
  • Sew clothing to wear
  • Paint a cup
  • Make a movie
  • See an A-League game 
  • Watch an Australian movie I haven’t seen before
  • Make a video of a photo/video each day of the year
  • Use my hammock more often
  • Finish online front-end web development course
  • Make a Christmas ornament
  • Learn all the words to Kriss Kross – Jump
  • Read a book at the beach
  • Knit something
  • Visit an art gallery or museum
  • Write an achievable list for 2018


  • Get my eyes retested
  • Go without alcohol for 30 days
  • Have a de-stress day 12 times
  • Fill all Apple Watch activity rings every day for a week
  • Keep a running journal
  • Complete beginner essentials class on my yoga app
  • Leave work on time every day for a week
  • Introduce a tech free night again
  • Get a pregnancy massage


  • Learn how to use a whipper snipper
  • Paint a wall
  • Declutter one of our cupboards
  • Learn how to do something new around the house
  • Plant some items in the yard

Physical activity

  • Swim 1500m nonstop
  • Walk the loop at Noosa National Park
  • Trek to Wild Horse Mountain Lookout


  • Do something special for my husband 12 times
  • Make a wedding book
  • Do something special to celebrate our first wedding anniversary
  • Print a wedding photo to hang on the wall


  • Reverse advent calendar
  • Have a picnic in the hinterland
  • Go camping in a new spot
  • Write Christmas cards
  • Organise a social event with people at work
  • Visit someone I haven’t seen in a while
  • Have an online dinner party
  • Wear an ugly Christmas sweater to a social gathering
  • Send thank you cards from our wedding

As always, if anyone is interested in joining me for any of these you’re more than welcome!

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