52 in 52: 2020 edition

Here it is, this year’s 52 things in 52 weeks list! I’m so freaking excited for the list this year. I’m feeling positive, and raring to go. There’s a lot of things that I’ve really not been motivated to do (ever), and things that I just need to do. This is the year to do it.

I think 2020 is going to be a great year.

Today is the start of a new 366 page book – write a good one

– seen on an internet meme


  • Get back into a regular habit of walking my dog
  • Have a date once a month with my husband
  • Teach Luca something new
  • Take Missy to the beach
  • Let Luca spend a weekend with the grandparents
  • Start a self-compliment jar
  • Play in the rain with Luca


  • Get a breast checkup
  • Find a solution for my hearing issues (last year I was diagnosed as moderate to severely deaf in my left ear, this year the goal is to determine whether it’s surgery or hearing aids moving forward)
  • Join the gym
  • Lose 15kg
  • Stay binge-free for 60 days
  • Finish the Binge Eating Course “Eat Right Now”
  • Average 7 hours of sleep a night
  • Use skin cream on my chest (that my skin cancer doc gave me)
  • Donate blood regularly


  • Read “The Barefoot Investor”
  • Review all of our policies/monthly subscriptions etc and find a way to save money
  • Increase my personal savings auto payment
  • Get a pay rise
  • Do my Christmas shopping online
  • Buy clothes because they’re flattering (not because they fit)
  • Sell our second-hand stuff
  • Buy something from my wish list


  • 52 weeks of decluttering
  • Write a blog plan (for upcoming posts, as an attempt to get into a more regular habit of writing)
  • Focus clean one room a week (following the Flylady method of cleaning, warning – this might be the ugliest website on the internet)
  • Keep a goals diary
  • Reorganise our shoe storage (the shoe box at the front door that is a dumping ground for shoes around it, not in it, drives me nuts)
  • Create a vision board and display it


  • Finish the photo album for Luca’s 2nd year
  • Sew something
  • Find 12 ways to be more environmentally friendly/cut down on waste
  • Set a new PB for running
  • Start riding to work frequently
  • Swim 1km without stopping (aka regain my swim fitness)
  • Wear a scarf in my hair
  • Finish my Japan videos
  • Do something that scares me
  • Read (listen) to 5 audiobooks
  • Listen to a new podcast series
  • Raise money for charity
  • Start MAF heart-rate training (running program)
  • Buy flowers for my office
  • See a musical
  • Take a selfie a day
  • Make a one-second-a-day video (I did this a few years ago and let it slide for the last few, I really miss it!)
  • Make a Christmas pudding (inspired by a friend of mine who does it most years, and I always wanted to give it a go)


  • Have a barbecue at the beach with friends
  • Have a weekend away with my extended family
  • Run with someone
  • Invite someone around for dinner we haven’t seen in a while

So there you have it – the list!! Is anyone else setting some goals this year? Feel free to share them below! And if you’re interested in joining in, but 52 is daunting, why not try a 12-in-12? Or because of the year, 20-in-20!

Let me know your thoughts!