52 in 52: Get a Massage

I have found where the most sadistic monster of the Sunshine Coast resides. He hurt me on Saturday, and for a period there I was barely walking. I drove straight home (wincing every time I had to change a gear) and jumped straight into an epsom salt bath. Mario had to pick me up since I was incapable of standing afterwards, the pain was just too unbearable.

I blame my aunt, uncle and cousins.

Well, not directly. They had bought me a voucher for a massage for my 30th birthday last year, and no doubt with full intentions that I would get myself a relaxing massage. But no, I had to go and book in for the sports massage. So really, it's all my fault.

To explain what happened, I had booked in for a massage at A Perfect Blend in Caloundra. I knew my muscles were tight from recent workouts, and hadn't had a massage in a long time. When I got in there, the staff were super lovely. I was shown to the room, where the massage therapist and I chatted about my various areas of pain. I explained how great I am at injuring myself, and included information on my curved spine (ah, scoliosis). I did the bend over tests, then he prodded around my shoulders and upper back to check for tightness. I got a quick shoulder massage, then we moved onto the hip area.

When I mentioned my knee had been a little sore lately, he began to inspect my hip area. And boom, there was the pain. He explained that not only were my ITB's a little tight, but that my TFL muscles were as well. I'd never heard of these new muscles, turns out they're right in your hips.

Long story short, he said he suspects that with my running that my glute muscles (my butt) aren't firing and so my hips are overcompensating. Having a desk job certainly doesn't help either.

Then he got to work.

For just under 90mins he worked on my hips and thighs, including dry needling. The pain was incredible. He kept checking to see if I wanted him to take it easier or stop altogether, but through my clenched teeth I said “keep going, I need to harden up princess and I'm sure I'll appreciate it in a couple of days”. At one point, I was on my side, strangling the pillow that was meant for my head and tensing my stomach to the point I was nearly curled in the foetal position. Who would have thought that getting a massage could be so good for the core?

Eventually it was over, and I booked in for a repeat session this coming Saturday, but only for half an hour. Hopefully with stretching and moving this week that they won't be so tight and I won't need such a big session.

I knew I was going to be reviewing this for my 52 in 52, but who would have thought it would be such a painful, memorable experience? Despite all my complaining above, it's now 5 days later and my legs feel great (I got full movement back by Sunday night). The tingling I had felt in my feet and thighs pre-massage have gone, and I've been practising my stretches like a good girl (check out the Physio Advisor site). I can't recommend A Perfect Blend highly enough, I got exactly what I paid for and the masseuse was careful and constantly checking on me. He was also good for a chat!

So, another 52 in 52 down. Woohoo!

photo credit: Unity Yoga Thai Massage via photopin (license)


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