2015 52 in 52: The List

Every year a friend and I each write a list of things that we would like to achieve during the year. This is the list for 2015:

Physical Activity


  • Read one James Bond Novel Green tick-nomirror
  • Watch all of the Star Wars movies
  • Watch all of the Big Bang Theory series Green tick-nomirror
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle Green tick-nomirror
  • Take a photo and turn it into a silly Christmas postcard
  • Learn all the words to a 2015 no. 1 song
  • Find 12 geocaches
  • Read a book from the NYT Bestsellers list Green tick-nomirror
  • Do something that scares me Green tick-nomirror
  • Blog a weekly progress update of the 52 list
  • Do a course in something that interests me Green tick-nomirror
  • Cook a new recipe once a month
  • Spend a night looking at the stars
  • Pass the first test in Duolingo with 100% Green tick-nomirror
  • Fold origamiGreen tick-nomirror
  • Paint something Green tick-nomirror
  • See a waterfall Green tick-nomirror
  • Photograph one sunrise a month for the entire year
  • Custom build a new wordpress theme for my blog




I’m aiming to pay off a loan 3 years early so I can buy my first property, which means these goals are aggressive.

  • Do a monthly budget on the first of every month
  • Determine my overall debt amount, set a feasible target for the year broken down by months, then meet that target monthly (unless there is an emergency)
  • If I don’t meet my monthly target, implement a penalty in that I am not allowed any luxury items of any kind for a week e.g. no buying coffees, lunches, sweet foods, or going out.


  • Go on a ferry
  • Use public transport, or walk/cycle for 7 days Green tick-nomirror
  • Go on a road trip with friends with pre-defined turns e.g. seventh left, first right, third right etc. No looking at a map in advance!


Let me know your thoughts!