52 in 52: Fold origami

One of my 52 in 52's was to fold origami. When I originally selected that item, I had thoughts of “this will be fun” and “I can't wait”. I couldn't remember the last time I had folded origami, and I was sure it would be exciting.

Clearly I blocked it out for a reason.

Origami can be damn frustrating man!

I had a friend who was keen to join me in my escapade, and as luck would have it, she had been gifted some gorgeous polka dot origami paper for her birthday. We set the date and booked it in.

In case you ever want to try it, here's the process:

  • Invite friends around, get really excited
  • Pull out awesome polka dot paper, get even more excited
  • Find an appropriate youtube video on how to fold a crane, because cranes are awesome.
  • Start the video, realise your actually going to do this, maintain high level of excitement
  • Do your first view folds, realise it's not a good video, find another one (tip for a good video: make sure their voice is confusing so it's not too easy)

Folding origami crane

  • Realise you folded the paper the wrong way from the other video
  • Have everyone else tell you the next fold is going to be the same anyway, so it's not a problem
  • Get confused even though everyone else knows what they're talking about
  • Continue watching the video and do as your friends tell you because it's easier than figuring it out for yourself
  • Start to wonder if the video lady is on drugs because this is confusing and you see nothing yet that resembles a crane, then wonder who the heck was so bored one day as to start folding paper and turn it into a crane

Watching YouTube instructions for folding origami cranes

  • Pause and rewind the video several times, making sure you ask your friends for permission before doing so
  • Be stoked when they ask the same thing, because it meant you finally understood a step
  • Get really frustrated because it's so hard to get a perfect point on a paper fold sometimes, because you don't have nails to help so you think about how you should work on your nails and just GOSH
  • Begin to wonder if you should have actually put this on the list
  • Suddenly realise you're at the end, and what you're doing almost looks like a crane
  • Realise that your crane has legs with different lengths
  • Realise you don't care and you'll just tell everyone your crane is drunk
  • Become incredibly proud of your drunk crane
Folding origami - I did it

As you can see, it was seriously fun and I want to do it again. I wonder if there's a youTube video to make an elephant? Oh, nevermind, Glenn McGrath would probably try to shoot it, asshole.

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Let me know your thoughts!