52 in 52: weekly round up week 9

Newly completed:

  • Thanks to some awesome friends keen to help me with some of the items on my list, I folded origami on Sunday night
  • Date night for February – we went to the movies and saw the Kingsmen. It wasn't too bad, a few corny jokes but funny nonetheless. Next month we're going to The Spirit House, a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast that has a waiting list of several months if you plan on going on a weekend. I've been there before, and also done a cooking class there, the food is incredible.
  • Sunrise for February – dragged myself out of bed yesterday morning (bit tired and sore from training the night before) so only made it to the balcony instead.

Currently underway:

  • I'm still focusing on watching the Big Bang Theory this week, which I'm finding to be incredibly fun. I've finished the first season, and now onto the second.
  • Hit my goal weight of 69kg – I'm onto week 2 of the 12 week challenge, and I'm now around the mid 73kg mark. I'm not too far off, maybe this time next month it will be done? Fingers crossed!
  • We have scheduled in a morning at the bingo in a fortnight, which I seriously cannot wait for.

Aim to complete this week:

I'm not forecasting anything this week unfortunately, as once again I'm writing this on a Saturday. I'll be writing another one tomorrow (along with some posts about the 12 week challenge), so I'll have a proper list coming up. Woohoo!


Let me know your thoughts!