52 in 52: Run 5km in 30mins


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Kelly O'Brien. 5km distance. Previous race time of 34mins 38 seconds. This race: 29mins, and 29 seconds.

Ladies and gentlemen that is 5km in under 30mins!! Goal achieved!

I can't explain what that time means to me. It's one of those goals that you never actually believe you can achieve, it's just a crazy idea that you have and hope that one day you'll cross off the list. And on this particular day, I crossed that goal off! Wahoo!

I haven't been training much in my running funnily enough, which I would have previously thought was necessary to achieve the time. Instead I've been doing a lot more work in the gym on my strength and core, and my trainer had given me some tips on my posture. I had found that when I'd been running in the past I would get home and my lower back would be quite sore, turns out I was running with a huge arch in my back. I needed to focus on pulling my hips forward, lean forward a bit more and booyah, no pain after my run.

On this particular day it was one of our 5km runs for the 12 Week Challenge at the gym. I actually hadn't run since my last one, and so I didn't have any high hopes. My only goal was to beat my old time, and I would be happy with that. I started off running, I had music playing, and tried to remain comfortable.

It was a horrible, horrible run. I felt lethargic, and I even walked three times. Each time I only gave myself a 10 second walking break, then pushed on. When I neared the end I looked at my watch and saw it tick over to 29mins, and thought “just push hard!” I didn't want a repeat of the International Women's Day fun run, where I finished in 30mins and 9 seconds.

When I finished, I thought I hadn't done it. I was disappointed. Then the girl with the timer said “29mins and 29 seconds”. I started her when I immediately yelled:


Then I promptly got excited and asked to take a photo. Once I explained it was for my blog, and that it was a lifelone dream, they all gave me high 5's and we cheered together.

Crossing this one off the list has made me feel empowered. The rest of this list is toast!

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