52 in 52: Weekly update week 20

Newly achieved:

Heyyyyy, I blogged something! I blogged about achieving my 5km run in under 30mins! It may have been achieved a few weeks ago, but it still counts. Win!

Currently underway:

  • I’ve just hit season 6 of the Big Bang Theory…only a few seasons left, and then I’ll have caught up with the regular broadcast on tv!
  • Build a custom theme in wordpress: I’m attending a WordPress meetup meeting this week, where I’ll be learning how to tweak my theme. It’s will be a great start to figure out how I’m going to attack this task
  • Blogs to write. I know it’s a bit of a repetitive theme but I have some catching up to do and write some posts about some of the tasks I’ve gotten done.

For more information on my 52 in 52 list please click here.

Let me know your thoughts!