A lazy Sunday in

A whole day stretches out before me, and so far I have spent it chatting with a friend, eating breakfast, and applying the finishing touches on my 52 in 52 list.

I can’t wait to publish it, I feel really good about the list this year.

As a bit of background, my 52 in 52 list is a list of random things I would like to achieve during the year. The rules are simple:

Each goal needs to be measurable (no vague ones like “Try to be happier”)

That’s it – no other rules. The list can be filled with anything I want. To keep things balanced I like to try for a mixture between fun and serious, because its an excellent motivator to achieve the things I keep putting off, or I’m in denial about. This year I have grouped them together by type, so there are ones dedicated to improving my own being, some for hobbies and health, and some for improving my relationship with C (my nickname for my boyfriend).

I just need to fine tune a couple more, and then I will be publishing it later today – I can’t wait!

In the meantime, I’m going to get to work and do some much needed housework. The start of this year has seen a major clean up for some places around the house, and I’m going to continue that trend today. After that, I want to have a lazy Sunday in.

Actually, no scrap that! I think I will take my dog for a walk down to the beach, it’s too nice a day to stay inside!

What does everyone else have planned for their Sunday?

Let me know your thoughts!