52 in 52 for 2013

52 list

Every year I put together a list of things I would like to accomplish during the year. It’s a total of 52 things in 52 weeks, hence the list is called 52 in 52. These items can range from the super fun things (girls weekend) to the mundane (go to the dentist). The only rule I have is that the goal needs to have a measurable success point, so vague goals don’t count e.g. Be happier.

As someone who is driven by goals and aspirations, I find it’s great fun to make this list at the start of the year. And in the years where I have completed a lot of the tasks, I finish the year with a sense of achievement. In the years where I don’t, there’s nothing like failure to make myself more determined for the following year.

This year I did something a little different, and included some goals where I have to achieve them with someone else, namely my boyfriend, C. Yet for the rest I have focused on myself and and own personal happiness, and never before have I ever felt such a desire to really push to complete the entire list.

So without further ado, here is my list of 52 goals to be completed in 52 weeks for 2013:


1. Go on a date night every month
2. Save $10,000
3. Stick to a budget for 1 month
4. Go on a week long road trip
5. Reach our goal weights together
6. Climb a mountain together
7. Go fishing
8. Lay outside and watch the sun come up
9. Go to the zoo together
10. Enter an event together
11. Make a handmade present for each other
12. Walk the dogs together at least once a week

Personal development:

13. Read 4 educational books (1 a quarter)
14. Go without a phone for the entire weekend
15. Help a stranger
16. Talk to someone I have been unhappy with and explain why


17. Go to the dentist
18. Work out for at least 12 days for 2 weeks
19. Run 15km
20. Donate plasma
21. Get a skin cancer check
22. Try a new exercise class I haven’t done before
23. Go without confectionery for 2 weeks
24. Get my hearing/memory tested


25. Blog all 52 in 52 challenges
26. Blog every day for a month
27. Blog 100 memories and share a story about each

Friends and family:

28. Go on a girls weekend interstate
29. Win the trivia jackpot
30. Go on a boat trip
31. Have a movie marathon (everyone brings one movie, no complaining about what anyone else brings)
32. Make my mum a calendar for Christmas
33. Frame a photo of my family
34. Spend a day with my niece


35. Get a boat license
36. A photo a day for 2013
37. Go camping
38. Play skirmish or laser tag
39. Try 12 foods I haven’t tried before (or can’t remember trying)
40. Go to a concert
41. Visit Double Island Point
42. Spend a day doing photography with my SLR
43. Watch 10 movies from top 150 on http://www.imdb.com/chart/top
44. Attend a live sporting match of a sport I have never seen live before
45. Attend a music festival
46. Read 4 books off the best sellers list (1 a quarter)


47. Get a pedicure
48. Clean out the fridge, it needs it
49. Teach my dog a new trick
50. Clean and sort out my cupboard
51. Buy and wear 3 dresses
52. Go out for a night out and wear heels

Time to get cracking!

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