Every day I’m shufflin

We’re camping this weekend with friends, and as luck would have it (and poor coordination of the diary by me) it’s also the date that I start an event with my run club. So basically I’m trying to fit in 24km a day around camping. It’s a lot.

We’re staying at an extremely nice place which I’ll give you a full review later. But it’s wonderful, and even includes a gym.

I used the gym tonight, and unfortunately the treadmill is a jerk that stops completely every 24mins. And when you’ve got about 12 – 13km to get done, it’s annoying.

I’ve just finished my miles, showered, and now going to bed. The goal is to get up tomorrow morning before everyone else and try to do something similar. Get some miles in and cut off a chunk of the day so I’m not doing a late session again after Luca goes to sleep.

Apologies for the basic post tonight, but I’m pretty shattered!

Tomorrow: pool, and playtime. I love my life sometimes.

Let me know your thoughts!