Time for some mental miles

It’s 11.30pm, I’m sitting on the couch surrounded by piles of washing that I just folded. It took me over 2 hours to fold it all. I’d been putting it off for a bit, and well, it kinda built up.

So why am I up so late?

Tomorrow, aka in 30mins, is the start of another crazy race with my run club. I’m aiming to do 24km a day for 10 days. I haven’t done that amount of distance in a while now, so it’s going to be a rude shock for my body.

My friend is the captain of this team, and somehow in a conversation it came out that she was going to do a live Facebook video to celebrate my kicking the race off at midnight. Because of timezones I start earlier than most other people in the club (if there are some kiwis they will start earlier again).

So, I’m awake. Stay tuned for the distances – I’ll tell you what times I did so you can feel my exhaustion with me!

Then I’ll be up again early tomorrow morning to get in some more distance before we head off camping in the van again. My dad is staying home with my pup, and we’re off to somewhere I’ve been looking forward to visiting in a long time!

Bring on the weekend!

Let me know your thoughts!