I’m a taco

Tonight I’m writing in a much more upbeat mood than in my previous post. I’m excited to check in and share some updates with you!

So, how has my day been? Well, Luca woke us up multiple times overnight with random nightmares or coughing. The grand finale was at 2.30am when finally we brought him into our bed after he wet his own bed through to the mattress (long boring story there about why there wasn’t a waterproof sheet on his bed). So basically from 2.30am – 5.30am my husband and I were kicked, pushed to the sides of the mattress, or had a little body contorting himself using us pillows.

Hubby and I were surviving on coffee today.

So none of that is why I’m happy. It was pretty crappy actually, and my day has been a bit meh because of it.

Until now.

I just finished up one of my Eating Disorder Support Group meetings (this fortnight was online via zoom). I cannot give enough praise for this group I’ve found. There is a true sense of community, and such overwhelming support of other people. For me personally it’s just being surrounded by others that have walked the same path I have, and just get it. It’s the best.

After these meetings I just feel like I’m ready to hit the ground running. I feel determined, and optimistic….it’s so much better than just feeling overwhelmed, and tired, or in my own head. Hooray for support!

One major highlight for me tonight was being told about one of the best instagram accounts I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you unnamed person, you know who you are, for pointing me in this direction – I’ve been giggling ever since!

I have to share some of my favourites with you all!

This first one is the reason for the title of this post. I am absolutely that taco that falls apart, but I still love myself 🙂

This almost sums up a large portion of my anxiety….the guilt of not doing everything is real!

This one is not quite so funny as it is relatable.

I could go on and on sharing these, but it’s probably best I keep it to 4. So my final favourite, this is exactly how I feel every time I spend time meditating! It’s so dang hard!

Go check out _hi_anxiety_ on instagram, and if you’ve ever been on the fence about reaching out for support or joining in group sessions, use this post as your sign to go out and do it.

A single session can change everything. It is a hundred thousand times over worth it.

Let me know your thoughts!