June and July one second a day

What a crazy few months! I spent a lot of it sick, first with a cold and then coming down with a virus that kicked my ass. There were a few other highlights, including:

  • Getting a new cruiser bike that I can ride comfortably while pregnant (her name is Annie, it’s even got a sticker on the bike)
  • More catch ups with friends and family
  • Discovering the non-alcoholic wine from Woolies is a suitable replacement for a night-time “de-stressing” drink
  • The nursery starting to come together
  • A great “State of Origin” series
  • The beginning of a new tradition with Christmas in June (not July, we did it exactly on the 6 months half-way line)
  • Watching my friend compete in her very first pin-up pageant and doing a great job
  • A trip to Sydney
  • Seeing bubba move a lot more (there are belly shots here where I’m in the bath, but you can’t see anything)

My next post is going to be a 6 month recap of the first 6 months of 2017. Hopefully you all get as much out of it as I do.

Let me know your thoughts!