Lazy night in

Today at work was crazy busy, and mentally I am feeling a bit “blah”. To try and pick up my mood a bit I decided a lazy night in was in order.

I showered early and washed my hair, watched a movie and ate some junk food.

I have also just finished straightening my hair, so now I'm feeling just a little bit pretty.

I got the TV working in my bedroom, so managed a couple more idiot box hours watching some junk tv and the tennis.

And now?

It's bed time. I'm going to have a big long snooze, and while I wouldn't mind a sleep in I will be getting up at 6am again and taking my dog for a walk/run. While I would love a lazy morning, the enjoyment I get from spending time with my dog makes the early rise worth it.

Speaking of Missy, she has settled into the new house like a champion, even with it pouring rain today! I was a little concerned about the amount of undercover area and wondered if there would be enough room, and as it turned out there was plenty. She and the other dog have had no problems with each other, only the odd snap but that's to be expected as they get used to each other and figure out who is the boss.

So how was everyone else's Thursday night? Anyone else spoil themselves with a lazy night?

Let me know your thoughts!