Sunday night already??

I just saw this graphic, and I think it’s so perfect for this post:

Image source: dinosandcomics

I’m sitting here wondering how the heck it’s already Sunday night. The entire weekend passed by in such a blur! It was so super busy, and the first chance I’ve had to sit still I’m at the computer doing….you guessed it…work.

In 48 hours I’ll be finished this huge massive project, and I cannot wait. I’m already thinking about how I’m going to celebrate it being over. Well, phase 1 at least. I have grand plans of being a super crazy party animal and going to bed early.


Today we started the day early at my in laws after a restless night. Luca talked in his sleep overnight a fair bit, and that kept waking me up via the baby monitor. At 1.30am I woke up and took some painkillers for my headache so it didn’t turn into a migraine, but I’m pretty sure it was sugar related. Thankfully it was gone when I woke up. I’m likely to face the same issue tomorrow *sigh.

We had breakfast with the family, and Luca got in some quality time with his cousin playing on the property. Then we made the trek home, and with only an hour or so to spare, we quickly prepped the house ready for a friendly play date this afternoon for Luca and his friends.

They had a ball! We play pass the parcel, had water fights (where Luca learned what karma was after starting the fight then getting dominated), tons of toy play time, and some quality wood fired pizza.

We also had our third cake of the weekend! I will be SO glad to see the back of sugar this coming week. I don’t want anything sweet at all!

We’ve had an absolutely amazing weekend, and we’re super grateful for all the love from the family and Luca’s friends. We have one special little guy, and he really is so lucky to be surrounded by so many good people.

Now….any tips on how to raise a 3 year old?

Let me know your thoughts!