Birthday festival day 2

Today we continued with the festivities for Luca’s birthday, with a family gathering for my husband’s side of the family.

The day started off with Luca waking and playing with his toys in excitement. While my hubby got to work on the cake for day 3 (because of course there’s 3 days) I took the little man off to soccer. It’s about a 40min class, and after about 15-20mins he was wrecked. He had a big day today, and finally it all felt a bit much. He laid down on the floor, and when I picked him up he snuggled in. We ended up watching from the chairs for a bit instead.

We got home, and after a coffee and a shower headed down to Brisbane. We’re really lucky to have such a big family, and I really appreciated everything they did for us with a second party.

Luca’s cousin just turned 1 only two days before Luca’s birthday, so it was a joint party together.

There’s something magical about watching him grow up, having chats with other kids, and seeing the different storylines he comes up with for his toys. Occasionally I’ll find myself just sitting back and watching, with a big dopey grin on my face. But I love it.

Food-wise I was screwed today. There was zero routine or method to my eating today. This weekend is just a “survive” mode basically. It was cake at 3pm and pizza for dinner (my in laws are Italian with a wood-fired pizza oven, so good luck turning that down). My mother in law and sister in law had made some gorgeous sweets for the weekend too.

Anyways, I’m off to bed now because I’m about to fall asleep sitting upright. I’m not sure if it’s just tired from going to bed so late last night or from the sugar today (headache is likely the sugar), but either way I need to put my head down and close my eyes.

I actually remembered to pack my running shoes for the weekend too, so I plan on starting tomorrow nice and early with a run. Then we’ll be heading back home for the final day of birthday celebrations.

Honestly, this kid is so freaking lucky to have so many people that care about him! And we are so appreciative for all of it.

Let me know your thoughts!