Sunday dates and cannoli

Ah, Sunday. Right when you’re meant to be getting ready the upcoming week, and as it turns out for me, I’m about to start meal planning with the husband. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.

I’ve still got a couple of weeks off work, which I plan on using to do some more cleaning and decluttering around the house, but also some fitness and relaxation time. It’s likely going to be the last chance I have for a decent stretch of holidays before the second half of the year, so I have to make the most of it!

My son’s back at daycare tomorrow and my husband’s back at work, which is bittersweet. It’s been so much fun this past week getting to spend time with them and having a ‘staycation’ at home. But also, I’m kinda looking forward to getting some time to myself again and starting to tick some things off the list.

Today though, my sister and her fiancĂ© were happy to hang out with Luca for a few hours while the hubby and I got to go on the first of our “monthly dates” – reinstated as part of my 2021 52-in-52 list.

We’d heard about a deli/bakery in Golden Beach called Cafe Sisily, and were keen to try it out. My husband’s family, being Italian, are amazing in the kitchen, especially when it comes to cannoli. I was interested to see what he would think of them.

We ended up running into some of my husband’s family friends while we were there – also Italians! They’d made a trip up to the coast to try it, and had enjoyed themselves – always a good sign.

I mistakenly let my husband pick out what we were going to try, and he certainly didn’t hold back! I thought we would get one thing to share, maybe two at the most. He picked four – yikes! We cut everything in half so we could both try it all.

We had a tiramisu, two cannoli (one ricotta and one vanilla custard), and something that reminded me of a vanilla slice.

We all agreed the vanilla custard cannoli wasn’t great (strong alcohol-style aftertaste), but the ricotta was a hit. The tiramisu was nice, and I enjoyed the vanilla slice’ish thing too. The coffee was really enjoyable as well!

I’m not sure if we’ll be back again, we probably wouldn’t go out of our way to visit. But that’s because we’re spoiled in the fact that my husband can make all of these at home – he was just keen to try someone else’s goods.

For those that didn’t happen to marry an after-hours masterchef, I certainly would recommend you go check it out. And definitely get the ricotta cannoli.

Let me know your thoughts!