Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I’m going to share the bits and pieces from my gratitude diary for the previous week.

I think this week, we need it more than ever.

Just as we see footage coming out of America as they inch towards the end of Trump’s term, and domestic terrorists storming the Capitol, it’s nice to take some time to remember some positive in the world. Better yet, not take it for granted.

Husband taking the health journey with me

When I got ready to start taking the steps I needed to for my health this year I knew it was going to be hard. I was so excited then, when my husband shared the same sentiment on his behalf – he felt unhealthy and needed to change gears. I’m so thankful that we are both ready to take this journey together. Normally it’s one of us trying to get healthy while the other doesn’t care, and having it all lined up is amazing.

Sore Muscles

I had a great workout with my trainer the day before, and I knew I was going to hurt. When I woke up and got out of bed the next day, everything hurt. It was a good hurt. I love that feeling, because it means I know I’ve worked hard.

My son shared his food with me – unprompted

One morning my son came running down the hallway and jumped into bed with me, while my husband was already up and about. We chilled and watched a bit of TV together, and my husband brought in breakfast (pancakes) for the little guy. I joked that I needed to “log a complaint with the manager” since I didn’t get breakfast, we laughed, and went back to chilling.

Luca must have thought about it for a bit, because the next minute he said “here mummy, sharing!” and gave me some of his pancake.

I suddenly felt so proud that my son was able to identify a situation, and solve it. Proud that he shared unprompted. I felt proud of myself and my husband as parents. It was a great feeling.

My in-laws

My mother and father-in-law both visited on that day, and I really appreciated it. I love how involved they are in my son’s life, and that he absolutely adores them when he sees them. I love that they are always trying to help, and have the best intentions.

I just had a moment of truly appreciating family.

My CRAW running team

This is my team of 10 that we’re doing a virtual “around the world” event. We’re aiming to be done in 16 months, and it’s crazy.

I love this team with all my heart. Everyone is so positive and supportive. It’s a big ask to try and keep up some decent mileage for so long, but even if you’ve had an off day, or week, or longer, we’re all here for each other. We all keep driving and pushing.

The majority of the group are in the US, although there’s one in Canada and myself, down under. it means there’s usually someone to talk to at any time of the night.

The girls are amazing, and I am so thankful every morning when I wake up and try to catch up on the chatter.

My body responding to increased water

My body dropped almost 2kg in bloating this week, and it was almost entirely due to my increase in water, I’m sure of it. I love how my body responded, and how I’m starting to feel a bit better every day.

Thank you body, for not being broken.

Grateful for my blog

I’m so grateful for having this blog. Having somewhere that I can go to just write, no matter what the topic, is wonderful. It’s my own little space on the internet.

This blog has done so much for me mental-health wise. I love it.

Air conditioning in my bedroom

On this night it was so humid, I got sweaty brushing my teeth. No exaggeration! So I became super grateful that we have air conditioning in the bedroom, and the financial means that we can run it without being concerned.

And that air con felt so, so good.

The safety of my family

Today I woke up to the news of the American protestors at the Capitol and the violent clashes. It was heartbreaking. Talking to my friends in America, listening to the heart break, the fears….it was awful.

So in a selfish way, it made me so grateful for where I live.

Australia has problems of course, and we’re far from perfect, but right now I don’t have any reason to fear for the safety of my family.

My family are safe, and I’m so thankful.

What are you thankful for this week?

Let me know your thoughts!