Wednesday weigh-in – 27th March

It’s time for some accountability. Every Wednesday I’m going to try to do a quick blog post with an update on the increase or decrease of weight, and most importantly, how the binge eating is going. It’s a “weigh in” in the sense of weighing in on how things are going; not so much the weight being the most important thing (it’s not). And hey, alliteration is cool right?

As I confessed recently on my Facebook page I recently relapsed with my binge eating. It was creeping on me since before Christmas, and after another reality check this year I was back to old ways.

The reset button was pressed. Again and again.

It’s hard.

But right now I’m on day 5 of not binge eating. Things are tracking well, and I’m actually feeling positive this time. Like I *want* to change, not that I *have* to change. By making myself accountable and honest to you all will help keep things going.

So; update shots:

My streaks app to keep track of how many days I can go without binge eating

The weight…with no censoring. Eek.

Nothing is more obvious of my struggles than the weight chart, but peaks and troughs right?

It’s not about the final destination but the journey, and all those other cliches. Long story short I’m still finding my way around my triggers and maintaining good health.

Here’s to a loss next week.

Let me know your thoughts!