The story of how Kelsbells got engaged

Before I explain about how my amazing fella proposed to me, there’s a few things you need to know about us:

  • He is incredibly romantic. I am not.
  • He is classy and stylish. I am not.
  • He’s quite cluey. I am very clearly not.

The best thing about this story is that it’s not traditionally romantic in the sense, despite my boy’s best attempts. I think our story really sums us up as people, and our relationship. There are no fireworks, or public proposals, or anything over the top.

I loved it.

A week before the main event, we had been walking our dog down by the beach. I remarked on how many people were outside having picnics, and suggested to Mario that we should have one ourselves one day. It was the week before Christmas, and thought we could just have a picnic one day after work, since I was finishing each day at 4.30pm. That left us plenty of time to enjoy the view before the sun went down and the sand flies came out. Mario agreed, and we continued on. I never thought anything more about it. [...]  read more