Kelsbells does dumb things (episode 673)

2nd piercing

Sometimes I do some dumb things. Sometimes I do some REALLY dumb things. But they’re always funny. So of course I have to share them.

The moment with the earring:

It was in the morning and I was rushing around getting ready for work. I was running a little bit late, so I was racing around the house like a mad chicken. I finished getting dressed, grabbed my earrings and headed downstairs.

After fussing around in the kitchen (who knows what I was doing – it’s certainly not somewhere I hang out, maybe I got lost) I grabbed an earring and put in the right¬†ear lobe. Then I tried to put in the left one. [...]  read more

Cool kid on the block

I am the cool kid on the block in our office at the moment.

Why, you ask?

Because this:

My iPhone wears a leopard print g-string.

So raunchy!

A work colleague and I have challenged each other to buy the most pointless things we can find for less than US$10 on, and gift it to someone in the office. This g-string came as two for $2, the other one is being used in an office prank to sneak into to a colleague's brand new phone (the challenge being his phone doesn't leave his side). This one is being used for demonstration and giggling purposes only. No iPhone home buttons were harmed in the making of this blog post. [...]  read more