Kelsbells does dumb things (episode 673)

Sometimes I do some dumb things. Sometimes I do some REALLY dumb things. But they’re always funny. So of course I have to share them.


The moment with the earring:

It was in the morning and I was rushing around getting ready for work. I was running a little bit late, so I was racing around the house like a mad chicken. I finished getting dressed, grabbed my earrings and headed downstairs.

After fussing around in the kitchen (who knows what I was doing – it’s certainly not somewhere I hang out, maybe I got lost) I grabbed an earring and put in the right ear lobe. Then I tried to put in the left one.

Then I tried again.

The bugger wouldn’t go in!

I used the end of the shaft bit (what do you call that in an earring – shaft sounds rude) to guide to where I could feel the dent in my ear from the piercing hole, then pushed. Then I pushed again. From time-to-time the entry feels a bit clogged, so I just have to use the teensiest bit of force. Finally with a pop it went in and all was well, except that there was a little bit of an ache there. Nothing crazy or anything; I just assumed it was a bit irritated.

After work I got home and removed my earring in front of the mirror. And realised I had given myself a second piercing.


2nd piercing
Note the second hole on the right of the main hole

The moment with the fallen plant:

At home right now we have a tree sitting by the gate waiting for a friend to come and pick it up. It’s a huge, evil, Carolina Reaper plant, the world’s number 1 hottest chilli.

I got home from work, and noticed that the tree had fallen over. I bend over to pick it up…

In doing so, I headbutted the hanging pots directly next to the gate….

It tipped up and poured dirty soil water all……..over………my head………

My only regret is that I didn’t have an outer body experience right then, cause that would have been bloody funny.


Stay tuned for the next episodes…there’s bound to be a lot more.

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  1. Holy moly. The second pierced ear – hilarious. I am going to remember this story forever and have a little chuckle to myself. If I’m ever feeling down, I’m just going to open up this blog post and have a smile. 🙂


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