Malaysia Day 1 – and we walked, and walked and walked…

Penang is a beautiful, beautiful place. We are staying in the heart of the Unesco heritage area in Love Lane, so today there was only one thing to do really – explore.

Our hotel is called 23 Love Lane, and it's incredible. We have a two story villa style thing, with a king sized bed downstairs for Claire and Amy, and two single beds upstairs for Mum and I. There's also a tv on both levels, as well as two large bathrooms. It's very spacious, and incredible for the price, which I think worked out to be about $40 a night each. You could never get anything like this in Australia (although you could get a lot cheaper in Malaysia). There are a few buildings that make up the 10 suite hotel, and the oldest building itself is from the 1800s. This hotel is well worth staying in, and as I write this now at the conclusion of the second day, we arrived back to find our beds ready from the turn down service, some beautiful fragrant candles lit and the entire room cool from the air con. Bliss. [...]  read more

I flew overseas and now I’m in Malaysia!

Well, I'm not there as I write this sentence, but when I post it I will be. How is that so? Because I'm currently thousands of feet in the air, on a plane. Yep, I'm blogging mid-air!

Last year my sister and her girlfriend were so kind as to purchase a ticket for me to Malaysia flying Air Asia, as a combination Christmas and 30th birthday present. Kick ass? I think so! It was purchased just days after I bought my flights to Bali last year for my friend's birthday, so it was quite exciting to have all these trips planned. A few months later, I met Mario and we booked more flights to Lombok, Indonesia, which is in June. So essentially I will be returning home from this trip in April, then taking off again internationally only a couple months later! It's far to say my love for travel has been realised. [...]  read more