So many things to do, so little time

This time of the year is so busy, isn’t it! In amongst regular life, you have to fit in Christmas shopping, social visits and huge, long days of eating. There’s travelling back and forth to family, and naps (or dreaming of naps) to get over the food comas.

It’s been so crazy here, and I’m behind in a lot of things.

This week I’ve been reviewing my 52 list for 2018 over and over. I’ve deleted items and added new ones. I’ve also now asked my (also extremely busy) friend Jo to look over it and tell me where I’m being dumb. She’s my partner in crime with me for the 52 list, starting the yearly tradition many years ago. Now a mother of 2, she’s more qualified than anyone to tell me when I’m being unrealistic. [...]  read more