52 in 52: Do a jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle
The puzzle

Let me tell you, when I selected this one I had images of relaxing with a cuppa, and it would be over within an hour.

How wrong I was!

We had just gotten back from our camping trip, when I found under the bed an old puzzle that Mario had been given, but not put together. It’s a combination of the popular Top Gear character, the Stig, and a Where’s Wally puzzle (see a copy of the puzzle online here). There’s 1000 pieces, and is 79cm x 49cm.

When I first started putting it together I'd put it on a mirror that we have, but quickly realised that would be too small. I didn't want to put it on the kitchen table since it would take up room where we eat every night, and we didn't have any other suitable surfaces. The floor it was. I also didn't want to put it on the floor upstairs in the spare room, since that meant I'd be spending considerable time upstairs, being antisocial. So, the floor in the main area it was. [...]  read more