Sofies on tour: Japan Day 1 (Gold Coast to Narita)

Hello from Japan!! We made it!! Konichiwa!

I had been dreading the first day of our holiday, purely because it meant 9 hours on a plane containing a toddler. Now that we’re here I’m sure the rest is going to be smooth sailing, or at least I hope so. We can go with the flow a lot more when we’re not packed in like sardines.

Luca didn’t sleep on the plane, but on the whole he was pretty awesome. We used the ipad a lot, but I’m glad to see he used almost all of the other activities I’d packed for him as well. He was very entertained for the entire flight.

I’ve created a video recap, which you can see below. I’ll be trying to post a video recap as often as I can, so you can enjoy the trip with us!

1 thought on “Sofies on tour: Japan Day 1 (Gold Coast to Narita)”

  1. LOVE your travel vlog! So prepared with activities on the flight. Looks like the little man did extremely well for his first international flight 🙂 Enjoy Japan and we look forward to seeing more of your amazing travel vlogs xx


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