2014: 52 in 52 list in review

I’m posting this a bit early, but tomorrow I leave for camping so I won’t be in range to post anything more. I’ve scheduled my post for my 2015 list though so that it’s there while I’m away, right on time. The only reason I’m able to post this one early is because it’s pretty much confirmed what remaining items I will be able to complete in time for the end of the year.

This year I’ve given myself half a point for things that are underway to acknowledge my efforts where I haven’t totally neglected it. I thought that was fair to help recognise that I did at least start it.


I feel like in writing the list I forgot the reason I write this every year, and went crazy writing big plans. I bit off more than I could chew, and it wasn’t until halfway through the year when reality hit. It was an expensive list to try to achieve, and I had to take a bite of a humble pie and admit I wasn’t going to be able to do it all.

The point for the 52 list is to inspire myself to do little things throughout the year to try to break away from the mundane. It’s to push myself to do things that I wouldn’t strive for otherwise. It is not a wish list.

So without further ado:

The list:

Physical Activity (14 items)

Zorbing – 0 points

No points here, I just simply didn’t do it. Originally when I wrote this list I had in mind a place on the Gold Coast, where they roll down the hill in the inflatable balls. Then I discovered the local shopping centre actually had these on the water for kids to play in, but when it came to the crunch no one would go with me, and I didn’t want to go by myself. Fail.

Enter an event I’ve not been in before – 1 point

Done!! I entered, and competed, in the Noosa Triathlon, completing it in just over 3.5 hours. Very proud of myself.

Learn to Kitesurf – 1/2 point

I’ve given myself half a point for this one, only because it’s under way. I’ve been unlucky with the wind, and although we travelled to Lombok during the year for a kitesurfing holiday, my reluctance to nag others to teach me (interrupting their own kitesurfing holiday) combined with some food poisoning meant I didn’t get much time in as I would have liked – only myself to blame there. Since getting home, we’ve just been so busy that my time in the water has been sporadic at best. I think there’s also an element of fear in learning too (speed isn’t my greatest love so there’s a bit of hesitation on my part) but I’m getting there. 2015, the year of hermits Kel & Mario, should mean that I have loads of time to conquer this.

Try stand up paddleboarding – 1 point

Done! It was great fun, although I fell off several times in trying to ride waves. And by waves, I mean ripples in the water. Highlight was getting overtaken in the water by someone who looked about 70, who told me that her secret was “putting some effort in”, aka pull your finger out Kel!

Complete a triathlon – 1 point

Done! I did the Caloundra Gatorade Tri series with Mario and my friend Chere, and also the bigger, olympic distance, Noosa Triathlon in November.

Use my surfboard – 0 points

Not done, no excuse.

Sleep at an aquarium – 0 points

Had full intentions of doing this with my housemate’s son, but time was an issue here. Still doing this next year though, haven’t forgotten my promise to Jesse. Underwater World offer this as an activity for kids.

Canal tour – 1 point

Done! Completed with a great group of friends

Go whale watching – 1 point

Done! Completed this again with friends for Bel’s birthday. Alas it was early in the season so the sightings weren’t so spectacular, but still loads of fun to get out there on the ocean (although I needed the sea sickness bracelets and tablets haha).

Visit the hinterlands/mountains – 1 point

The night before Big Day Out, Mario and I treated ourselves to a night at a B & B in the hinterlands. It was spectacular, with a gorgeous view of the sunset and a huge spa bath.

Visit Palmersaurus – 0 points

Not done, and at the end of the day I couldn’t convince myself to spend nearly $50 in checking out some dinosaurs. Maybe if Clive Palmer opens it up for free entry for the locals again I might go check it out, but before then, no thanks.

Visit jumping crocodile cruise – 1 point

Done! I managed to get up to Darwin to visit my friend Jo, so we scheduled this in. It was pretty fun watching crocodiles jump out of the river to get some meat fed to them from a fishing pole.

Carve a pumpkin – 1 point

Done! Meet Spewy McPumpkin. All I’m going to say is that cleaning out a pumpkin is hard work; I’ll think twice before suggesting this again in the future.

Go camping with my dog – 1 point

This is not technically done yet, but we leave tomorrow so as of tomorrow night this will be done, with only 2 days before the end of the year.

Physical activity score: 9.5 / 14

Hobby (15 items)

365 Photography Project (a photo a day) – 0 points

Not done. I started, but it was over pretty quickly. Not even worth half a point. I’m still going to give this a crack during 2015, but not as a 52 in 52 item.

Archery – 0 points

Not done. No effort.

Selfie Sunday (self-portrait every Sunday for the year) – 0 points

Not done. I started, but much like the 365 project this didn’t go very far.

Create a wearable gift – 0 points

Not done.

Alphabet photography challenge (a photo for each letter of the alphabet) – 0 points

Dammit – I started this one but completely forgot about it until just now. This would have been easy to finish off too, but at least Danielle was inspired by my list and she did one. I’ll finish it off during 2015 so my album is complete, but for all purposes I get zilch on this one. I only made it to H.

Read 5 new books – 1 point

Done! I joined a book club, which sounds nerdy but really it’s just reading a great book and meeting up with the girls for dinner once a month somewhere around the coast. We don’t have structured meetings of any kind, it’s get together, have a good ol’ chat about anything in particular, grab your next book and away you go. Much love for Adele for constantly organising this, it’s always a highlight for me. Speaking of which, I need to get cracking on the next book. My rediscovered love for my kindle also helped to get this one completed, when I pulled it out again Mario couldn’t get me away from it, and I poured through the books this year.

Travel overseas – 1 point

Done! I wish I got points for how many times I travelled overseas this year, I would have got a bonus point. I had the pleasure this year of experiencing the beauty of Malaysia, then 4 weeks later revisit Indonesia, but this time on the island of Lombok. Easily huge highlights of the year for me.

Finish Italian skills in duo lingo – 1/2 point

Underway, but time meant this hasn’t been finished. Not giving up though.

Learn how to use chopsticks – 1 point

Technically done, can’t say I’m an expert at it but I can now get food into my mouth. Malaysia definitely helped with this!

Make Christmas decorations – 0 points

Not done, didn’t even try. Whoops.

Make a movie – 1/2 point

Secret squirrel stuff, but it’s underway, just not finished yet.

Watch the World Cup final – 1 point

Watched, and congrats again to Germany!

Watch all James Bond movies – 1 point

Only just completed yesterday, so cut it fine, but it was done!

Plant a section of veggies and grow them – 1 point

I don’t know how much I can claim this, so I’ll just take all of it. Mario has an amazing, established vegetable & herb garden. I helped out with planting some of the plants this year which grew to fruition. However I would give a large amount of credit to Mario, since he’s the one that’s constantly fertilising and watering the garden.

Blog 100 memories – 1/2 point

I’m giving myself 1/2 a point because this one requires more effort than I thought. I could do one liners, but that’s pretty dodge, so instead it’s quite a bit of writing. So far I’m up to 20, and I will continue to complete this during 2015.

Hobby score: 7.5 / 15

Social (12 items)

Have a picnic – 1 point

Done, on numerous occasions. Most often as an “indoor picnic”, with white and cheese on a blanket put down in the living room at home. Bliss.

52 weeks of thankful – 0 points

Not done, and not because I’m not thankful (I’m very thankful for my life) but because I didn’t write it down or share that appreciation anywhere.

Cook a 3 course meal for friends – 1 point

I had a girls night while Mario was away camping, and with some help from a friend we served up multiple courses. Mario being away means it’s one of the rare occasions I’m allowed into the kitchen.

Have a weekend away in a hotel with a spa – 1 point

Done, refer to the point above about visiting the hinterlands. Sheer bliss.

Cook for Mario every night for a week – 0 points

Much to his relief, this was not done. Although he would possibly lose a lot of weight since it’s likely the food wouldn’t be edible, or far too late at night. In fact, we could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve cooked a meal for him throughout the entire year. I think once I made some scrambled eggs…maybe.

Have a party for my 30th – 1 point

Done, and it was great fun! It was the theme of “when I was grow up I want to be…”. I dressed up as a detective 🙂

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas – 0 points

Not done. I remembered this one a couple of days before it would begin, then remembered again 2 days too late. Whoops.

Get Drew to teach me how to make a Bombe Alaska – 0 points

Not done. I guess a lack of time really, there’s no other reason for this one. Perhaps a lack of interest in cooking as well, even though it was a sweet food?

Go to a play/music/dance show – 1 point

Done – I went to Big Day Out during the year, and some other festivals as well.

Blog once a week – 0 points

I tuned out for a good portion of the year, but have had a resurgence at the end of this year which I intend to continue next year. I’ve rediscovered my passion for writing, especially how it reduces my stress levels and reflect on everything. Not to mention capturing the memories for reading through later!

Go to the Ekka – 1 point

Done! I went to the Ekka with Mario, his sister & fiance (now husband), and some friends. I had a great time, bought some show bags and saw some exhibitions. It was pouring on the day though, which meant to rides either. Boo.

Teach my dog how to catch a frisbee – 0 points.

I failed on this one, though it wasn’t for a lack of trying! We bought her a dog-friendly frisbee, but every time we would throw it she had zero interest in it. The one time she did look at it, it was because she mistook it to be a ball. When she realised the difference, we got this look of “as if”. Either my dog is becoming Cher from Clueless, or she’s at least hit puberty and showing some attitude!

Social points: 6 / 12

Health (7 items)

Implement “Wind Down Wednesday” – 1 point

This one could quite possibly be the most successful one of the year. Wednesday night became our night to just chill out at home together, and if we had any invitations that night we had to both agree to the exception. It was introduced as a necessity to take some time to ourselves, we were so busy running around all week that if we hadn’t, we would have surely burnt out. 2015 will be the year of the hermits, so this will most likely continue.

Stay in bed until midday on one day – 1 point

Normally I wake up every morning at 5am, and it’s impossible to stay in bed any longer. The only reason I was able to do this was due to the food poisoning I picked up in Lombok, where I was too weak to do much else. Still, it counts!

Donate blood – 0 points

I’m really disappointed I didn’t make time for donating blood this year, so I’ve added it to the list again next year. It’s such an easy but essential thing to do.
Lose 5kg – 0 points

My weight fluctuated all year, and while I don’t think I’m heavier than I am at the start of the year, I did have periods where I would have been only 1kg from reaching this goal. 2015 I’m hitting my goal weight, I’m determined!

Get mole scan – 0 points

Another vital health one I didn’t make time for. I’m scheduling this in to be done during my holidays when I get back from camping, it’s now grossly overdue.

Visit the dentist – 1 point

Completed, and man it was painful. I’m now sans all wisdom teeth, an expense of which became the reason to take out health insurance…about 6 years ago. It’s taken me that long to get the courage to visit the dentist – they scare me that much. Thankfully, all done and the dentist I now visit in Kawana (Full Moon Dentist) is fantastic!

Give up sweets for a year – 1/2 point

I’m actually damn proud of that half a point. There were conditions in this, in that I was permitted to eat chocolate over 70% cacao, no glucose lollies permitted, but on event days I was allowed to make an exception. For example, it would be tough to attend a wedding, or Christmas, and not have a treat.

As it was, I completely failed in the chocolate front. I’ve been eating chocolate all year save for a strong start that lasted about 2 months. Yet I have stayed incredibly strong on the glucose lollies and don’t recall the last time I had any. Very impressed with my ability to kick that habit.

Health points: 3.5 / 7

Finance (4 items)

Save $5,000 – 0 points

Does laughing count as an answer?

Don’t buy anything new month – 0 points

Still think it’s a great idea, I just never gave it the attention it deserved in order to complete it.

Stick to a budget for a month – 0 points

Maybe 2015 will be the year that I can actually do this. I have big plans for 2015.
Donate $5 for every item not completed – 1 point

I’m marking this as done, although the money has not yet been deposited. This will need to be done at the end of the year. Next year I’m not including this as an item, it’s just simply a condition of the 52 in 52 list. It wastes a perfectly good slot!

Finance points: 0 / 4

Overall result: 26.5 / 52

Wow, I only just made it over half the list by the skin of my teeth. Reviewing the list for 2014 has played a huge part in what I’ve put in for the 2015 list, in that they’re going to be less monumental things, and more fun “quick win” style items. There are some huge ones in there that will still mean that 2015 will be full of substantial changes to my life and habits, but smaller things to keep the motivation level high. If it feels like the entire list requires hard work, it’s going to lose its appeal very quick.

I can’t wait to publish the new list, and I can’t wait for 2015 to begin! Happy New Year

Let me know your thoughts!