52 in 52: Weekly round up week 10

The stress at work builds up, Kel blinks, and the end of the week is nigh! Geezus! At this rate the year will be over before I've had a chance to…umm…*insert something related to blinking here*

Newly completed:

Uh, oops. Nothing. Moving on.

Currently underway:

  • Cook a new recipe once a month: I'm so disappointed, I completely forgot to take a photo of my recipe for February! I will just have to make them again and back date it. For February I made some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip energy balls, using this recipe from Creative Juice. SO good! I shared them at work and now I've got one of my colleagues addicted to them as well. They've been great for before the gym.
  • Read a book from the NYT Best Sellers list: I went looking on the book list at the moment, and was disappointed to see the 50 shades series taking up the 3 of the top 4 spots. Cmon, seriously? Just watch porn people! It's probably written better! FYI, based on recommendations from friends I've downloaded The Girl on the Train to my kindle.
  • Run 5km in under 30mins: this coming weekend I'm running 5km for the International Women's Day Fun Run, which is an opportunity to do a timed run. I hold 0% chance of doing the run in under 30mins, but I will at least have an officially timed race to set a benchmark for. Originally I had hopes of training hard and to be in the 30 min bracket, so had booked myself into the < 30mins group. Whoops. My last run on Thursday I only managed 36mins, but that was with a fair bit of walking. Needless to say I'll be standing at the back of the group! Given that I haven't been running lately, I'm aiming for around the 32 min mark, which is around my PB to date. For added pressure I also have a 5km run the day before for my 12 week challenge, but I will take this one quite easy so I don't overdo it for the real run. I've been doing a lot of work with my PT to correct my posture, as it's been causng me a fair bit of trouble in the hip area, and after my morning runs I was coming home with a lot of lower back pain. Turns out I was running with a very arched back, which meant my lower back copped it, my hips were overworking the TLS muscle, and my glutes weren't firing at all. I've only been for one run in a month (the Thursday run) so I don't have high expectations of a great time. We have another 12 week challenge fun run in a month, so I'll be able to really push it with the running training in the lead up for that, and hope for a sub 30min mark then.
  • Games night with friends using board games purchased from the op shop: I can't wait for this one, it's next Friday night! I'm going to be scouting around looking for some board games ready to go, but I had one most excellent surprise from two amazing friends this week. While not strictly an op shop, they saw a garage sale where they popped in and bought some board games for the games night! I can now say I'm the proud owner of these two amazing games (disclaimer – I've never read Twilight nor watched the movie, so I'm going to fail hard at that game):

Best. Presents. Ever.

Aim to complete:

Everything is underway at the moment…I don't expect another tick this week unfortunately.

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