52 in 52: Weekly round up week 14

It’s a super quick post this morning, because I’m on my way out camping!!

Put simply, I still didn’t blog anything last week. I did manage to cook up a new recipe (chicken tagine dish) and get a gorgeous photo of the sunrise though, so that’s March done! 


This weekend while I’m out camping, weather permitting, I’m going to do some photography of the night sky. I can’t wait. I’ve borrowed my friend’s amazing wide angle lens, got my tripod and remote ready, and more than happy to sit in a chair and wait. 

Next week is another busy one – lots of gym scheduled, friend’s over for dinner Wednesday night, and no doubt another crazy stressful week at work. 

Camping weekend relaxing, come at me bro!

(Unrelated note – the updated WordPress iPhone app isn’t too shabby; much better than it used to be!) 

Let me know your thoughts!