52 in 52: Weekly Round Up Week 13

Newly completed:

Resting on my bottom 🙂 I did nothing this week.

Currently underway:

  • Play bingo: This was completed this morning, and now I've got to write about it! So much fun!
  • Get to my goal weight: Two more posts to write, and then I hit the half way point of the 12 week challenge. I'm inching ever so close to my goal of 69kg!
  • New recipe for March: I cooked a new recipe this week, and can't wait to share the post with you. It actually tasted good – typically rare when I'm in the kitchen (although Mario gets grumpy at me every time I make fun of my cooking).

Aim to complete:

I didn't get to do as much blogging as I wanted to last week, as most of my spare time was spent at the gym, or catching 10mins relaxation before bed.

All of that is a long winded way of saying I had a super busy week. Even Wednesday night, my “bachelorette night” at home alone, was spent in the kitchen making my recipe of the month (Mario was at a friend's place). That's right, my only time cooking in who knows how long and it nearly took me all night. I had enough time to serve it up, sit down, then go to bed.

This week I'm planning on finding some more time to relax at home writing. I've got gym sessions booked in for Monday and Thursday, which leaves Tuesday/Wednesday at home. Friday we're going camping, so I'll need to have my 52 post posted by then.

To wind up my completely diverted ramblings, I can't wait to go camping. We're going to a property in the bush where Mario always goes camping with his father. I've seen some photos and it's spectacular. Lots of mist early morning, and beautiful sunrise/sunsets. There's one photo Mario took on top of a hill, with a long view over the range below. I've borrowed my friend's wide-angle lens, and I plan on doing a lot of photography while I'm out there. There's no one else nearby, and certainly no lights. It's pitch black at night. Star trails anyone?

Anyways, yet another good but busy week coming up!


Let me know your thoughts!