52 in 52: Weekly Round Up Week 16

I've had a great week this week! I unexpectedly finished one task, and purposefully ticked off another. Now just to blog them in detail so that I can actually say they're completed!

Newly completed:

Currently underway:

  • See a musical – I went and saw a musical last weekend with some friends – such a great experience. Blog post coming!
  • Run 5km in under 30kms – super exciting that I managed to complete this task this morning – totally unexpected. Blog post also forthcoming.
  • Watch all of the Big Bang Theory series – I'm halfway through season 4 at the moment. I've been enjoying some time at home during the week, relaxing on the couch and watching telly, which has allowed me to progress on this quite somewhat. I'm finally at the point now where I'm starting to watch episodes I haven't seen before.

Aim to complete:

As I mentioned in my last post, Sunday is now “writing day”, which means I will be writing some posts. This means I'll be able to mark off the ones above from the list. I'm also planning on writing next week's 52 in 52 on the Sunday, which means I can actually start talking about what I hope to achieve for the week, instead of playing catch up (exactly what I'm doing now).

Hooray for being up to date again!

For more information on my 52 in 52 list, click here.

Let me know your thoughts!