52 in 52: Weekly Update week 17

I have got a seriously busy week coming up! I started thinking about what I wanted to get done this week, and realised there’s really not much time. Whatever I aim for, it’s going to have to be something I can achieve in the mornings.

Newly achieved:

Since I had only just posted yesterday, and today’s post is just a catch up post, there’s nothing newly achieved yet.

Currently underway:

  • Today has resulted in some more Big Bang Theory watching, and we’re up to season 5!
  • Learn all the words to a 2015 no. 1 song: I’m keeping an eye on this list of all the songs that hit no. 1 position in Australia during 2015, and seeing if any come up that I would like to learn the lyrics of. I’m contemplating how I want to complete this one too – anyone interested in a dodgy Kel video clip?
  • Pass the first test in Duolingo: I’m trying to learn Italian via the Duolingo app, a fantastic app for my iPhone and iPad. Time to start spending 15mins a day studying lessons while having breakfast, and try to build up my skills again.

Aim to complete:

Blog posts on:

  • Run 5km in under 30mins
  • See a musical
  • Get a sight check
  • Read a book from the NYT Bestsellers list

Once I write all of those, that means I’m up to date with all the ones I’ve completed thus far! It’s a bit ambitious though, so it means I’m either going to be writing at night while eating, or at lunch…while eating. Hmm, sense a theme here?

For more information on my 52 in 52 list, click here.

Let me know your thoughts!