52 in 52: Weekly round up week 8

52 items in 52 weeks

Well that was close! I nearly missed blogging about my 52's for this week, and that would have affected my aim for a 100% success rate this year! In my defence it's been a pretty busy week. I had a busy night at home on Monday night, PT Tuesday night, a meetup on Wednesday night, 12 week challenge group training session on Thursday night, then spent the night with the boy last night relaxing (I was pretty flat mood-wise, and a veg out night was exactly what the doctor ordered).

We were meant to be in Brisbane today at a race day, however courtesy of the flooding going on around the coast we cancelled our plans and have stayed home, mostly for safety reasons. With lots of roads being cut off and unpredictable rain patterns we didn't want to risk getting stranded in Brisbane. Besides, a weekend at home still feels like a novelty for us.

So, to get back on point:

Newly completed:

Zilch, because I haven't blogged about them yet. Whoops.

Currently underway:

  • Sign up for the 12 week challenge – I've actually just entered the second week, so I'm due a post about pre-season and week 1. I aim to have both of these written by the end of the weekend, at which point I can consider this point done. I've signed up for it (due to a technicality on words that's all I had to do to complete the task), I've started it, and now I've got to stay strong and finish strong. Go Kel!
  • Watch all of the Big Bang Theory seasons – Courtesy of not driving to Brisbane last night we started a bit of a marathon session and watched probably 6 or 7 episodes? Loving this 52 already, the show is so funny.
  • Games night with friends using games bought from an op shop – We've scheduled in the date for next month, so now all that's left is to buy some games! Woohoo!
  • Do a course in something that interests me – I've gotten approval from work to fund my enrolment into a Project Management course, so all that's left is to find the one I want to do. I'm aiming for something around the agile scrum methodology, since that's how I've got our department running at the moment. It will be really nice to get some accreditation behind me.

Aim to complete this week:

Given the lateness of this post, I'm quite limited in my ability to complete anything this week. However, I have something up my sleeve for tomorrow night:

  • Do origami – The ladies are coming around for dinner tomorrow night, and the lovely Bel has organised some awesome origami paper. We're going to give the paper folding technique a crack, although Bel has assured me that it's damn hard. I expect whatever I make will be lopsided, and very original. Of course there will be photos – picture or it didn't happen!

Next week I expect to a have a bit more of a mention of some successes!


Let me know your thoughts!