Kel turns 31

This week I turned 31, which means I can now say that I'm officially in my 30's. Right? Or could I have said that the day after I turned 30? Either way, whatever. I'm in my 30's. Embracing it baby!

I didn't really want to do anything this year; I guess having had a bigger themed birthday party last year was enough for me for a while. I did the usual dinner with my parents, although this time Mario's parents were up as well. We all went to the amazing Piano Bar for dinner on the Sunday, and as usual were rewarded with some amazing tapas. It's actually the same location where Mario and I had our first proper “date”, after our first meet up for coffee.

On the actual date of my birthday, Wednesday, it was a bit more low key. My office traditionally puts on a birthday cake for everyone, but they had asked if Mario wanted to prepare one for me this time given his incredible baking skills. He was more than up to the challenge, and I was presented with the amazing cake above. Lucky much? You betcha!

For lunch I had treated myself to some thai, which was amazing. Dinner I had been able to request anything I wanted, but I begged for just a night in. My meal of choice? Bangers and mash! Gotta embrace my boganism right? But in typical Mario fashion, it was gourmet! We had sausages with all sorts of random flavours (blueberries – huh?) and sweet potato mash with butter, whipped to perfection. It was topped with some super yum green beans and peas, which oddly enough I had been craving some veggies. It was perfect.

With each passing birthday I wonder if I'm ever going to grow up, and this year is no exception. I'm also pretty positive that 2015 isn't that year.

Being a kid is more fun anyway.


Let me know your thoughts!