52 in 52: Weekly Round up Week 7

Don't blink, or the week will be over!!

Newly Completed:

Currently Underway:

  • Sign up for the 12 week challenge at the gym

Technically this is done since I've signed up for it and paid for it. I just think I will be able to keep myself motivated more if I don't rule this off though until the next 12 weeks is up. Is it really possible to fool yourself? Probably not.

  • Watch all the Big Bang Theory TV series

I've just borrowed 8 seasons off a friend at work, so it's going to be time to load them up on the iPad and start churning my way through them soon enough. I think the challenge here though is going to be finding time to watch them, rather than actually watching them altogether.

Aim to complete this week:

  • February edition of photographing a sunrise (although due to the weather I might get up for a few sunrises, but opt to wait for a more beautiful image)
  • Cook a new recipe for February
  • Date night for February

This coming Saturday I have my first weigh in for the 12 week challenge, and I'm also going to have a romantic night in with my beautiful Mario for Valentine's Day. We're not doing presents (trying to save money) so instead we'll spend some quality time together. I also plan on testing his patience by attempting to cook something quite healthy for dinner.

Poor guy.

This week is really about getting focused for the 12 week challenge, and maintaining my monthly goals. Once I'm settled in a bit more I'll be able to start trying to organise some events with friends to achieve some of the other ones.

I had on my list to run 500km over the course of the year, which I'm now starting to worry a little about it already. My PT has told me I need to do a lot of rehab work to improve my posture and should hold off running for now until we've had some time to strengthen my core and get my hips into a better position. That will hopefully clear up a lot of pain I've been feeling in my hips and lower back after my runs, which will be fantastic. Until then it's lots of riding, swimming and walking my dog (I'm sure she won't be complaining).

When I get back to running, I will need to be working out how much mileage I will need to be achieving to hit that goal; the number might be higher than I hoped for per week. To think that when I wrote that 52 in 52 goal I originally had it at 1000km! To put it in perspective, if I wasn't to start running until after halfway through the year, I'd need to be doing at least 5 runs a week of 5km, to hit 25km for the week. 20 weeks later I'd hit the goal. Maybe I'll be throwing in a few 8 and 10km runs to take the heat off a bit haha. I know that with Noosa Triathlon I'll be running 10km there at least! I've also planned on running a half marathon around May, so there's the potential for another 21.1km knocked out!

So, anyone up for a games night or a road trip for a few of my other 52 in 52's?

For more information on my 52 in 52 list please click here.


Let me know your thoughts!