52 in 52: Weekly Update week 21

Oh wow. In 5 weeks we’ll have hit halfway in the year (I’ve just discovered that 2015 has 53 weeks this year, wow). That’s just a tad scary! I’m not expecting for my count down numbers to be exactly at the half way mark as I’ve got lots that I won’t be able to cross off until the final month, but at the moment I think I’m already approaching where I’d managed to get up to last year. These weekly catch ups are really helping to keep me on track!

Newly achieved:

I’ve had a good week this week on the blogging front!

  • Sign up for the 12 week challenge at the gym: 12 weeks done and dusted and the results are up. I didn’t hit my goal weight, but I certainly hit some nice numbers on the measurements front, and definitely transformed my body.
  • Do a class at the gym: I’ve discovered a newfound love for the RPM class, and also Grit Strength. I still plan on giving yoga a crack one day too.

Currently underway:

  • This weekend is date night for the month. Courtesy of my awesome family, Mario and I have been the lucky recipients of a voucher to an amazing restaurant in Brisbane, and several monetary donations (Christmas & Birthday presents). We’ve all kept it to the side with the intention of treating ourselves, and this weekend will be this treat in the form of a nice hotel and a great night out on the town. CANNOT. WAIT.
  • Watch all seasons of the Big Bang Theory: I’ve just hit season 7 now, so I’m only one season behind! I’m still not sick of watching this show yet, and I’m averaging one episode every second day. I usually get a chance to watch it at dinner time, or in the morning when I have breakfast. I’ll have to find a show to replace the void when I finish this one.
  • Go for a night out and dance: I’ve tentatively pencilled in a date, and will be using it as an excuse to catch up with friends that I’ve been meaning to catch up with for a long time but just never seem to have the chance. Hopefully this will provide that chance. I want to say I have the rule that I can’t go home before curfew (1.30am), but realistically I highly doubt that would happen. I’m a nana!

Aim to complete:

  • Weekly date night, although I doubt I will have time to blog about it before the week is out so it will fall into next week’s list as well
  • Some blog posts so that I can mark a few off my list: see a musical, read a book from the New York Time’s Best Sellers list
  • A new recipe for the month
  • A blog to share the monthly sunrise photos I’ve been taking to date
Now on a completely unrelated note, I was just about to take my dog for a walk around the block so she could empty her bowels and it’s just started raining. Damn it!

Let me know your thoughts!