52 in 52: Weekly Update week 22

I’m currently writing this from my car as we drive an hour north back to the Sunshine Coast, have about 4 hours of sleep and then ride 65km on our push bikes. Nuts? Yep.

Tonight was the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge Gala Dinner, and I really didn’t want to miss out. Unfortunately we had to leave early to get back to the coast, but we still made it for all the awards and a 2 course meal. There were some amazing transformations, the male winner lost something like 46kg and an incredible 110cm from his body!! It all made me incredibly inspired again for my own weight loss goals. 

My lack of planning for the week has meant I haven’t posted a 52 post this week, and I didn’t want to fail! Hence a quick summary of this week:

  • Date night with Drew last weekend: amazing, post to come
  • No other achievements for the week

Tomorrow I will be sitting down a LOT after my 65km ride, so I plan on some better quality posts 🙂

For now, goodnight!!

Let me know your thoughts!