Quarterly update on my 52 in 52 list

Holy cow, how is it May already?! This year is flying past! I’ve been a little preoccupied writing about the pregnancy all year, I know. Surprisingly, I’ve still had a great start on my 52s! Let’s check out what I’ve achieved.


Buy a pair of coloured shoes

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All of the shoes that I own are either beige, black or white. I’m so boring. I decided to challenge myself this year to get some coloured shoes to push the boundaries. Originally this was “heels” but after I fell pregnant I revised it to shoes so that I would get the most wear out of them, especially as I would need something flat and easy to put on.

These shoes I found after being put onto the Pimpos website by a friend. I’ve gone from nothing to 100% in one pair of shoes, selecting the brightest possible I think! They’re super comfy though. I’ve only worn them out once so far, but I plan on wearing them into the office this week, no doubt to quite the reaction!

Make a movie

This year I’ve been making a movie every month, through the form of my one second a day series. It’s been a ton of fun; read through the post if you’re interested.

See an a-league game

I only managed one game this season, and it turned out to be the most exciting yet! Brisbane Roar played Western Sydney Wanderers, in a game that ended up going to penalties! The roar keeper damaged his knee, our replacement (nicknamed “The Human Wall”) had a first touch with a spectacular save, and it ended up in penalties. Which we won!

It was an insanely awesome game, and I’m so glad I went. Even if it did mean I had to try and not get too excited because of the pregnancy (I still stood cheering a few times). It also meant I got to see the final game of the mighty Thomas Broich at home; someone who most definitely shouldn’t be leaving the club (*insert a massive vent at the Brisbane Roar management side here*).

Read a book at the beach

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On the Easter weekend I sent the hubby away on a camping trip with his father, and settled in for a weekend at home by myself. Within minutes I was bored. I organised with my friend, Ness, to meet me at the beach in the morning. We settled in with coffees, good books and chilled out reading (after a good chat to catch up of course). Pure bliss.

Go without alcohol for 30 days

Technically now I’ve been without alcohol for 3 months, since I found out I was pregnant! That wasn’t the original method I had in mind of how I would achieve this goal this year! Given that it’s unlikely I’ll be able to have a drink for the rest of the year (all things going well with breast feeding) I think it’s easy to declare this one as achieved.

Organise a social event with the people at work

I organised for a few drinks after work at the monthly food markets just near our work place. It was great fun, however it happened the day after I found out I was pregnant! I had to try and keep it on the down low, which meant I had to drink mocktails instead. Thankfully one of my besties at work (who I’d spilled the beans to immediately) helped to cover me by drinking mocktails with me – phew!

Have an online dinner party

I love this idea, and love that I can use this as an opportunity to catch up with friends that have moved all over Australia. We used to catch up every week for trivia and chats, and now we’re all scattered down to Sydney and across to Perth!


Right now I’m sitting at 37 of 52 items remaining, which means I’ve already completed 15 of them! Not all of them are covered above – you’ll find the remainder already posted on the site previously.

Some of the outstanding items I’m going to have to revise due to the pregnancy, as there’s no chance I’m going to be able to achieve them this year. A great example is holding a 3 minute plank – that’s just not going to happen.

I’ll be finalising the revision list in the next few weeks, and will be sure to post it on here.

Anyone else doing a list this year, how’s it travelling?

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