A triple shot of coffee a day keeps the sheep away

I think I jinxed myself last night. I wrote about being tired because of Luca’s nightmares, then we had the worst night sleep in a long time. He was tossing and turning for a bit, then told us that his ear hurt, and wouldn’t settle without cuddles.

My husband stayed in there for a bit, then tried to sneak back to bed just after midnight. It didn’t work, and Luca woke up. At 1am I ended up just bringing him back to our bed so we could try and get some sleep.

It appears Luca had a great sleep because he was full of beans, but the husband and I were exhausted.

How tired are we? I went and bought myself a triple shot of coffee today, and my husband met me in the driveway so he could have some. He never drinks coffee, so that’s saying a LOT. I took a photo to commemorate the occasion, and also because he’s holding my new travel mug (we lost the seal from the previous one).

Luca had a bit of a sniffle this morning and that was it, so it was maybe the onset of a cold? Possibly a bit of an earache from being stuffy in the head? Either way he was really happy today so off he went to daycare. In the end I had to do another few hours of work today so I was selfishly grateful that he was still healthy.

Tonight he’s developed a bit of a stuffy nose but still OK and full of beans. I’ve just put him to bed and waiting for him to fall asleep then I’m going to bed too.

Second last day of holidays

Today was my second last day of holidays, and while I did spend another chunk working, I also treated myself. It ended up being greatly timed (given how tired I was), but I booked myself in to get a massage!

I’ve had a voucher sitting on the fridge from my birthday last year. A couple of weeks ago, when I thought I had to have a “true” holiday I booked it in.

It was so good. I got a detox and something something massage (can’t remember what it was called) with firm pressure. Props to the venue too, when you fill out the paperwork you can actually put in there how much information you want during the session, which I took to mean either their upselling of products or talking during the massage. I chose “very little”. The girl was super lovely, and I ended up buying a beautiful lavendar/aloe vera spray afterwards anyway because it smelled freaking amazing. Plus I was hoping it would help Luca with his sleep again.

Other than that I prepared some baubles I’m sending to a friend. She loved some that I had done for someone else and asked if I would mind making her a set (she’d pay for it). I was going to mail them today but wanted to be certain they were fully dried before going in the post.

I didn’t get as many miles as I wanted to get done today, but given how tired I am I don’t think I had much in the tank anyway. I’ll head to the gym in the morning instead.

Let me know your thoughts!