Nightmares and swim class

I’ve left tonight’s post a little late; it’s been a full day of work, craft and parenting time (quality time with my little guy and husband). I just finished folding three baskets of washing that’s been sitting on the couch for about 5 days, and I promised my husband they’d be done by 9am this morning.

As you can see, they weren’t. Jury is still out on whether I just said “9” or “9am”, otherwise 9pm totally works.

I’m a bit tired today – Luca’s been having some nightmares at night on the odd occasion. Thing is his nightmares are AWESOME. I wish my nightmares were that good! I mean, clearly they’re devastating for him but when he grows up and learns that there’s far worse things, he’ll have a laugh too.

Two examples:

  • He had a dream there was chocolate under the bed. That’s it. We don’t know if he thought it was getting squished, or melting, or what, but he was PISSED. And when we tried to show him there was no chocolate he just got crankier.
  • He had a white rock, he dropped it and it rolled down the drain…………Stephen King should use this for inspiration. He likes scary stuff and drains.

Swimming just resumed today after the break for Christmas. He did kinda good – he didn’t listen at one point and kept trying to swim out to the teacher when he was meant to be sitting still. I think I’ll have to get him to a pool more often and remind him to keep waiting and sitting until we’re ready to catch him. Otherwise it can be a bit dangerous.

I’ve got him wearing a swim cap now; that’s been a lot better with keeping his ear plugs in. It’s cute when he wears it though – it gives him quite the deep brow.

After swimming the hubby came down and we ended up going to the beach for fish & chips for dinner. It was nice! I made both of us put our phones away so we could give each other and Luca our full attention. I really appreciated that.

Anyways, bed time. Hopefully Luca has a better night sleep tonight, and so do we.

Night all!

Let me know your thoughts!