Returning to work after holidays isn’t so bad after all

Well, my holidays have come to an end. Today was my first day back at work after 4 weeks of holiday.

I know it’s a bit of a cliche but it seriously does feel like it went too fast.

Last week I had started to get in a bit of the foul mood that comes with the end of a holiday caused by thinking about all the stuff you could have done, but didn’t. I had so many grand plans:

  • Make new curtains for the caravan
  • Finish the sewing project I’ve been trying to do for a year
  • A list of craft projects a mile long
  • Walk in the national park
  • walk at the beach
  • Lots of and lots of walking apparently

The list goes on. I did none of that stuff.

Instead my days were spent doing a little bit at the gym, a lot of craft, and a lot of random pottering around that I have no idea what I was doing.

And honestly, I really did enjoy myself!

When I thought about what I’d been doing I realised there was no point being disappointed about what I hadn’t done. Sure there had been times when life hadn’t gone to plan, like when Luca had been sick with a vomiting bug for a couple of days. But then I started to really appreciate that I had been able to be there for him when he needed cuddles and some comfort.

I think this gratitude journal thing is really starting to have an impact on turning my perspective on life around. This morning, feeling nervous about going back to work, I used the opportunity to be grateful for my employment and all the things that meant to me:

  • The cool people I work with
  • The enjoyment I get from being productive
  • Making life easier or better for others
  • The benefits of having multiple wages

Once I had written that down I actually started to look forward to going to work. When I got there I had a big smile on my face, I was happy. I had laughs with people, instead of rueing my return!

And one of the coolest things – the elf from last year was waiting for me, along with a candy cane and Christmas chocolate. You know you’ve been away from the desk for quite a while when that’s still waiting for you.

Fun fact – by lunch time I had cabin fever from being in the same place for so long. Having not sat still for 4 weeks it felt odd. I grabbed the laptop and went to work at the coffee shop for half an hour, where I took the opportunity to spill coffee on my shirt. I have skills…lots of skills. Missing my mouth is apparently one of them.

I hope you all had a great Monday, and here’s to a great week!

Let me know your thoughts!